After months and years of anticipation, Fallout 4 is now out in the wild — hear Conan O’Brien’s thoughts on the game in his latest Clueless Gamer skit.

In recent years, we’ve seen late night host Conan O’Brien continue to up his video game coverage, largely through his popular Clueless Gamer skits. However, last night saw O’Brien’s show pull out all the stops, with a blockbuster cold open to mark the much-anticipated release of Fallout 4.

The clip depicts a situation that will be familiar to many players anticipating the game’s release; upon clocking out of work, O’Brien locks himself away from society to enjoy Fallout 4. However, he’s forced into doing so by the fact that society seems to crumble at a coincidentally appropriate moment in time.

Of course, O’Brien isn’t the first Fallout fan to build his own vault — but he’s perhaps the first to do so on national television. As you might imagine, his personal fallout shelter acts as the setting for the latest instalment of his amusing and informative review series Clueless Gamer.

Adding his thoughts to the bevy of critical response we’ve already seen flood in, O’Brien joins the conversation with his typical uninformed take. After taking a leap from a cliff and meeting his pet dog, the host takes a spin in a suit of power armour and turns some pesky raiders into small pools of blood.

O’Brien also gives his take on the Pip-Boy, referring to it as ‘Microsoft’s version of the Apple Watch’. Of course, he’s joking — any smartwatch made by Apple or Microsoft would likely be much easier to get your hands on than the strictly limited manufacturing run of this must-have wasteland gadget.

While this isn’t the most serious coverage that you’ll see of Fallout 4, it’s certainly evidence of just how prominent the series is. It’s worth remembering that ahead of Fallout 3, this franchise was nowhere near the mainstream behemoth that it is today.

Public interest has seen the mobile spin-off Fallout Shelter become a huge success, and Bethesda will be hoping that Fallout 4 will find similar popularity. Given the strong critical response to the game and the hype that’s been steadily growing all year, it seems likely that it will meet those expectations.

However, it remains to be seen whether fans will be satisfied by what the game has to offer. The most dedicated Fallout enthusiasts have very stringent standards, and it’ll be interesting to find out whether the raft of issues being reported spoil the experience as a whole for those players.

Fallout 4 is available now for Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and PC.