Complete Fallout: New Vegas Without Killing Anyone

Fallout New Vegas Completion No Kills

While most games might force you to commit some act of violence in order to progress further in its storyline, there are others that allow the player to decide how they wish to approach a situation.

Unfortunately, there just comes a time when a gamer must do away with an enemy by any means necessary (Sam Fisher has a pistol for a reason), but as it turns out there might be one recently released game that allows the player to make their way through the entire storyline without having killed a single person.

Fallout: New Vegas, like its predecessor, allows the player to utilize their unique skills in order to best approach a situation. For example, a character that is more adept in the Speech area of the customization tree can talk their way out of any situation or convince any NPC to abide by their wishes. Yes, the speech ability does allow the player to avoid the messy brawl on occasion but it usually doesn’t mean that they will spend their play through without having to shed some blood.

As it turns out one such player made their way through the entire game without killing a single person. On top of that, they didn't just stick to the storyline missions but managed to complete a large portion of the side quests. Over on the forums at NeoGAF, this player posted photographic evidence of their feat complete with a zero tally in their statistics menu.

In a game that has an extremely unique combat system like Fallout: New Vegas, it is certainly difficult not to fire up V.A.T.S. and watch a helpless carcass fly across the screen. It goes without saying that not only was this player dedicated to their own unique role-playing experience but stayed true to the pacifist inside them. Perhaps they should try a hardcore mode play through in which they don’t kill a single enemy. Now that sounds like a challenge.

Do you think you could make it through any game without having killed a player or would the call to escapism be too overwhelming?

Fallout: New Vegas is available now for Xbox 360, PS3, and PC.

Source: NeoGAF via Joystiq

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