Commander Shepard to be More 'Dynamic' in 'Mass Effect 3' Combat

Mass Effect 4 No More Shepard

Mass Effect 3 is, potentially, the most anticipated games of 2012 - with a triple-A fan-favorite developer at the helm, as well as numerous refinements and improvements to a series that has blurred the lines between interactive gameplay and cinematic storytelling.

Mass Effect, more than any other video game series before it has managed to deliver one of, if not the most, personal narrative experiences ever created - not just in a single game - but over the course of an entire trilogy (and over six years worth of development). As a result, it comes as no surprise that BioWare is not only attempting to up-the-ante with storytelling, gameplay tweaks, and the addition of a co-op multiplayer component, they also want to make sure their protagonist features realistic reactions and assists players with "dynamic" cues.

According to combat designer, Corey Gaspur, in the latest video from the in-house BioWare Pulse show, hosted by ex-IGN editor Kristine Steimer, Commander Shepard is, as mentioned, a lot more "dynamic" than in prior installments.

Shepard can now roll from cover to cover as well as more fluidly corner 90 degree turns - but, most importantly, will look around corners to cue players as to whether or not the character is lined-up with other available cover options (think Nathan Drake reaching for a ledge in the Uncharted games). According to Gaspur, Shepard will also duck while in cover whenever enemies are firing his way - signaling that it's not a safe time to make any drastic moves.

In addition, BioWare gameplay designer, Eric Fagnan, demonstrates improvements to enemy hit reactions as well as shows-off Shepard's heavy melee' attack - which, according to the developers, syncs to nearby enemies so that players aren't left flailing around trying to stab surrounding attackers.

Check out the full BioWare Pulse "Insider" clip below:


There's no doubt that the refinements to Shepard's in-game action are going to be a huge help to players - as getting around the battlefield in prior Mass Effect titles was, arguably, one of the most frustrating aspects of the experience. Similarly, unique enemy hit reactions as well as Shepard's more realistic responses to enemy gunfire will, no doubt, further immerse players in the robust world that BioWare has shaped over the course of the last six years.

Of course, with Mass Effect 4 looking more and more like a next-generation title - it'll be especially interesting to see where BioWare takes the story, and the gameplay, in future installments.


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Mass Effect 3 will be released for the Xbox 360, PS3 and PC on March 6, 2012.

Source: BioWare Pulse

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