GR Pick: Commander Shepard Goes To The Clinic

Live action trailers are certainly in this year (even ironically so), so it should come to no surprise that others want to bring their video game parodies to reality. Machinima have plenty of experience developing live-action spoof trailers and parodies, and with the rebranding of their Machinima Prime channel they've brought some new original content into the mix. Dr. 1up, a new show featuring 5 minute webisodes, shows what would happen if characters like Commander Shepard or Nathan Drake visited a game-based medical clinic - and the results play out as one would imagine.

Dr. 1up premiered last week with a Metal Gear Solid sketch about Solid Snake having cancer (see below) and the latest episode premiering today details Commander Shepard's visit to the clinic, where he's informed that treating the Normandy like the Love Boat was ultimately a bad idea.

There came a point back in Mass Effect 2 where Mordin Solus mentioned someone on the ship had a vorcha-related STD, and it looks like Dr. 1up may have incidentally found the target. Shepard responds to the news in a way most would expect from the often-going Commander. Here's the first episode of the show, which came out last week. It follows Dr. 1up as he attempts to tell Snake that his years of smoking and monologues have caught up with him:

Dr. 1up is the first run of new original content to come to the recently-rebranded Machine Prime, and the episode features a notable array of video game characters. Whilst some of the jokes may be a little cheesy, there are some genuinely funny 'awkward moments' and throwbacks to the games that make the new series worth a gander.

The series is set to introduce other famous video game icons like Master Chief, Lara Croft and Raiden. Given the reactions of the patients in the first two episodes, we can't imagine these three next guest stars will have a normal time at the clinic.

What other video game characters should go in for checkup next?

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