Command and Conquer Property Given to Visceral Games [Update]

Command and Conquer Goes to Developer Visceral Games

[Update: GameInformer has confirmed that Visceral Games is not in fact developing the next Command and Conquer game. Rather, it's being developed by an LA-based development team, likely the same team that developed Tiberium Wars.]

Fans of the RTS genre, when asked to come up with their list of top titles, will usually cite the classic Command and Conquer series of games as being some of the best. Even those gamers who might not enjoy the Real Time Strategy style of gameplay are at least familiar with the franchise in one capacity or another. Though we haven’t heard much from the series in some time, it looks like  developers of Dead Space and its sequel Visceral Games have now taken the game series under their banner.

Currently the only news is that Visceral is in charge of development of the next Command and Conquer game and that a release is in the distant future. Beyond that we are very much in the dark. As Visceral begins to amass talent from within EA’s various divisions, expect more effort to go towards whatever new game is created but don’t start saving your pennies just yet. We're likely years away from a release.

No matter how you might feel about Visceral Games as a developer you have to be excited at the news of a C&C revival. StarCraft 2 has released to such tremendous fanfare that it goes without saying that a market still exists for these strategy games when done well. Visceral’s pedigree might not scream RTS, but their commitment to delivering solid gameplay experiences is certainly evident in Dead Space. Though let’s just forget about Dante’s Inferno.

As the developer begins to expand with EA’s help it seemed only logical that they begin to take on new projects, of which gamers might be familiar with. I would venture to guess that many gamers weren’t even looking for a Command and Conquer game, but the thought of a new take on the series is a hard proposition to pass up. After Tiberium Twilight let many hopeful fans down, they certainly need a boost and hopefully Visceral is the company to give it to them.

Are you looking forward to a Command and Conquer reimagining by way of Visceral Games or were you left burned by the last series of games and would rather move onto the new hotness?

Source: Kotaku

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