EA Cancels ‘Command & Conquer’, Closes Developer Victory Games

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Hot on the heels of the announcement EA Sports and Tiger Woods have called it quits, Electronic Arts has yet another unexpected announcement: Command & Conquer has been cancelled. Not only that, the developer behind the free-to-play reboot, Victory Games, has been closed.

As far as a reason for the cancellation, Victory Games, quite bluntly in fact, reveals that since fans seemed disinterested with the reboot’s direction they decided not to continue with it. While there is still a Command & Conquer fan base, it became pretty clear early on that Victory’s approach to the strategy game — making it a free-to-play, online-only experience with episodic content — was not what fans were looking for.

There was a last minute Hail Mary announcement regarding a singleplayer campaign but apparently that wasn’t enough. Clearly, Victory was far enough along in development that either Electronic Arts felt it would be too expensive to rethink Victory’s approach, or they could see fan interest was fairly low.

Victory, at least, could see the writing on the wall as well, and confirmed as much in their public statement:


Thank you for your participation over the last few months in the Command & Conquer closed alpha test. It’s been much appreciated, and you’ve been instrumental in helping define what a new Command & Conquer experience should and shouldn’t be.

Part of being in a creative team is the understanding that not all of your choices are going to work out. In this case, we shifted the game away from campaign mode and built an economy-based, multiplayer experience. Your feedback from the alpha trial is clear: We are not making the game you want to play. That is why, after much difficult deliberation, we have decided to cease production of this version of the game. Although we deeply respect the great work done by our talented team, ultimately it’s about getting you the game you expect and deserve.

Over the next 10 days we will be refunding any and all money spent in the alpha. If you have a question about your refund, please contact help.ea.com.

We believe that Command & Conquer is a powerful franchise with huge potential and a great history, and we are determined to get the best game made as soon as possible. To that end, we have already begun looking at a number of alternatives to get the game back on track. We look forward to sharing more news about the franchise as it develops. Thank you again for your participation and support.

– Victory Studios

When the game was first announced in 2011 as Command & Conquer: Generals 2, fans were excited by what Victory Games (then BioWare Victory) was looking to do. Unfortunately, the game underwent several key changes since that time, including a focus on free-to-play online multiplayer and billing the game as a franchise reboot. Moreover, our time with the game at E3 2013 left us less than impressed, and questioning Victory’s direction.

At the same time, Victory had heard those criticisms, and was working to bring the game more in line with fans’ expectations. But, alas, they were too little too late.

While this likely isn’t the last we’ve heard of Command & Conquer, it will likely be some time until Electronic Arts decides to revitalize this franchise once again. The good news, though, is they can use the lessons learned from this failed Command & Conquer project to give fans what they want.

Are you disappointed that Command & Conquer has been cancelled? Were you hopeful that the game might turn out okay?

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