E3 2010: New 'Comic Jumper' Trailer

Twisted Pixel Games, the developers of 'Splosion Man, are currently working on a new game titled Comic Jumper and the latest trailer was unveiled at E3. Just like Splosion Man, Comic Jumper will be an Xbox Live Arcade exclusive. Comic Jumper spans across multiple genres of gaming including 2D shooter, platformer, fighter and racer. The game's selling point is that you are a superhero for hire, named Captain Smiley, who goes through six different art-styles of comics to save the day.

Smiley must travel from the silver age of comics to manga. Comic Jumper will contain 12 levels of gaming that transition between the second and third dimensions.

Personality and character development also seems to be an integral part of Comic Jumper. The trailer boasts that the game has award winning music composers and 40 unique characters. This is also emphasized in the trailer by seeing how each character is shown to have their own unique personality and quirkiness to them. The main character, Captain Smiley himself, comes off as a wise cracker in the midst of danger, somewhat reminiscent of Spider-Man.

On top of being an already full-fledged game, there are tons of extras including gamerpics, premium themes, avatar awards and even two additional levels to 'Splosion Man. There also will be behind-the-scenes videos and concept-art, but no one cares about that. The extra content will be something you will have to work for in the game in order to add replay value. If Comic Jumper is everything that this trailer claims it to be then it should be well worth the upcoming MS Points.

Check the awesome and hilarious gameplay trailer here:


A release date nor price has yet to be announced.

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