In less than 24 hours — even less for any attending Preview Night — the doors to San Diego’s Convention Center will open and let a wide swath of comic book, movie, TV, and video game fans into their Mecca: San Diego Comic-Con 2012. As with past years, the event promises to be chalked full of high profile reveals, big time celebrity appearances, and more content than any one website can cover.

While our parent site Screen Rant will be covering the goings on of the Film and TV world, we at Game Rant hope to give you a closer look at many of the video game experiences that will be on tap across the events four days. That includes several opportunities to play some of 2012 and 2013’s highly anticipated titles like Halo 4 and Guardians of Middle-Earth, and panels that delve deeper into the development on some equally exciting games like The Last of Us and Assassin’s Creed 3.

Among the big announcements to be made at the Con include a closer look at Fortnite, the new Minecraft-esque title from Gears of War developer Epic Games, a playable version of Halo 4‘s Spartan Ops mode, a closer look at Assassin’s Creed 3‘s multiplayer, our first chance to play Marvel Heroes, the unveiling of High Moon Studios’ Hit Monkey, and David Cage and star Ellen Page wowing all of us with Beyond: Two Souls.

Rest assured that myself and several other writers from the site will do our best to cover any and every piece of game news released from the Con, including which new characters will be joining the All-Stars Battle Royale roster, but, at the same time, we want to hear from you, the Game Ranters.

In this first edition of Up for Discussion, a new feature that will hopefully lead to more interactive experiences amongst the Game Rant community, we want to hear what you’re interested in seeing from Comic-Con 2012.

Which games do you think will have the strongest Comic-Con presence, based on either the strength of its publisher or the popularity of the core franchise? Discuss any and all of the Comic-Con 2012 events in the comments below, but remember to play nice because it’s all up for discussion.

Make sure to follow those Game Rant writers who will be on hand for Comic-Con 2012 including myself  (@ANTaormina), Curt Hutson (@8BitBomb), and Tyler Schirado (@TyRawrrnosaurus).

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