GR Pick: Infographic - The Colorful History of Video Games

History of Video Game Colors (Infographic)

While many people are no doubt stuffing themselves with holiday trimmings this week (or stampeding for the hottest Black Friday deals), some video game fans will be gorging themselves on a different guilty pleasure - retro video games. There's nothing quite like returning to your family house and finding your classic game consoles, albeit a little bit dusty, are ready and waiting for some 8, 16, or 64-bit playtime.

After blowing into the system and/or the game cartridge, many players will fire up their favorite retro titles - who needs The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Swordwhen you can bust out the shiny gold case for The Legend of Zelda, 0r Mario Kart Wiiwhen "Block Fort" is ready and waiting in Mario Kart 64? Obviously games have been evolving for over 50 years (since William Higinbotham's Electronic Tennis debuted in 1958) but, as many gamers know, it's always fun to marvel at just how much those evolutions have affected what we see today onscreen.

At least that's what Darius A Monsef IV, of COLOURlovers must have been thinking when he put together an infographic detailing "The Colorful History of Video Games." Along with some fun facts, the infographic basically showcases the number of colors that each of our favorite game systems were capable of displaying. Spoiler alert: that Super NES we all loved so much - with all of its flashy and beautiful visuals was only able to output 256 colors.

Want to know how many colors that Xbox 360 or PS3 of yours can do? You'll just have to check out Monsef IV's "The Colorful History of Video Games" infographic below (click for full size):

COLOURlovers History of Video Game Colors (Infographic)

Yes, that's right, Modern Warfare 3, the biggest launch in entertainment history, is capable of pushing out 16.7 billion colors - and also offers presentation options that help individuals with color blindness to takedown (or maybe train) n00bs just as easily as the rest of us.

What's in store for the colorful "future" of gaming? I guess we'll just have to check-in with Monsef IV in a few, yet to be determined, years when the Xbox 720 and PS4 finally debut.

Which classic console's visuals do you remember being wowed by the most?


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Source: COLOURlovers

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