It seems like it was just yesterday that Bandai Namco treated Code Vein hopefuls to a story trailer for the upcoming vampire action-RPG, putting the spotlight on the title’s narrative and gameplay elements. Now, the focus has shifted slightly for another big reveal by way of a batch of new screenshots that highlight a slew of weapons players can utilize, and a pair of potential companions they can journey alongside.

Like the games Code Vein is so often compared to, the forthcoming RPG places an incredible emphasis on combat, and drops the overarching story inside a grim setting. However, one major difference lies in Code Vein‘s companion system. Players have the option to tap in another non-player character from the Vein, a clandestine society where other Revenants like the main character reside. These screenshots feature two of those NPCs: Jack Rutherford and Eva Roux.

code vein jack and eva screenshots

code vein jack

code vein eva

Both Jack and Eva are Revenants with a complex past that pair up with players during certain events — despite belonging to the faction opposite that of the main character. Jack, nicknamed the “Vampire Hunter,” is a former career solider whose battle skills are otherworldly. Apparently, he also has a deep-rooted connection to the game’s hero, though it hasn’t been revealed what exactly that is. Jack chooses to fight with a longsword in addition to a Hounds-type Blood Veil.

As for Eva, she acts in conjunction with Jack as a way to repay him for once saving her life. A buddy character who can accompany the player, Eva pops up to support and fights with a bayonet rifle. It remains unclear what type of Blood Veil she has. With the dark and dangerous duo in the mix, Code Vein‘s Dark Souls-like combat style noticeably changes, becoming much more aggressive.

code vein combat

code vein weapon screenshots

code vein weapons

code vein weapon screenshot

The images also display a number of different weapons players can equip during their adventure. These include a halberd (a combined spear and battle-ax), a greatsword, a hammer, and a bayonet rifle, each of which is either one- or two-handed. Depending on what type of battle a player is engaging in, different weapons are more desirable based on their characteristics, skills, and attacks.

Axes are great for broad-area attacks, while swords can offer greater reach despite being a bit harder to swing. Likewise, hammers may not have as long a reach, but they prove immensely useful in high attack performance to deliver tons of destruction. Bayonet rifles are optimal in melee combat when a blade is tacked on to the barrel, and perform well at long range when shooting. It’s entirely up to the player which weapon they choose, but they will definitely want to select wisely, as defeating enemies, even with the help of support characters, will be tricky.

code vein queen's knight screenshots

The last piece of Code Vein goodness that Bandai Namco spotlighted through these screenshots is a foreboding enemy known as the Queen’s Knight. Fans first caught a glimpse of the antagonist near the end of Code Vein‘s Tokyo Game Show trailer, but these new stills give a closer perspective on the character.

The Queen’s Knight is a humanoid villain that towers over the main character, seen carrying a shield, a spear, and two sickle/knife-like weapons on his back. He can dole out damage using single, double, shape, and wide attacks, as well as change phases to become even more aggressive (though this will deplete his energy and health).

Those interested in checking out the full batch of Code Vein screenshots can do so right here.

code vein battle screenshot

Though Code Vein is still without a release date, it certainly isn’t without a tense narrative, intriguing combat system, seemingly well-developed characters, and immersive world. And with game producer Keita Iizuka and director Hiroshi Yoshimura recently revealing interest in developing multiplayer for Code Vein, the excitement for the title is only going to grow. These screenshots simply add more fuel to the fire of anticipation.

Code Vein is set to release sometime in early 2018 for PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One.

Source: DualShockers