Code Vein: 10 Things To Do After You Beat The Game

We didn't know what we'd be playing this week, but if you said a game about anime Vampires trying to scrounge blood from trees in the world after the Apocolypse, we would've been pretty hyped. Code Vein is out, and quite frankly it is a ton of fun. Sure the combat is a sort of wonky, the fanservice is a little much, and the edge-factor is pretty high. But, it kind of all mixes together perfectly to make for a pretty charming and complex Dark Souls inspired game. And, just like the Souls franchise, Code Vein is long! This isn't a 5-hour game or anything. There are a ton of zones, bosses, NPC Sidequests, and more. In fact, there's so much to do that players probably won't get around to it all until either the Post-Game or New Game Plus. So, we've arrived just in time to let you know what content to experience after the events of Code Vein's story.

10 Just Beat It Again

Here's the thing, we know that Code Vein's Blood Code system allows players to experiment with multiple builds and configurations at any time. And yes, we know that there's really no reason to replay the game just to try out a different weapon type. But we rarely switched from our main build outside of grinding out Gift masteries. So what about trying New Game Plus with a completely different build? If you were one of those people who spent the whole game swinging a Zweihander while wondering how a mage build works but couldn't bring yourself to try, do it the second time around! Sure the difficulty spike is pretty high, but there's no better way to get used to a new style of play than to go through the natural difficulty designed by the developers.

9 Clear The Depths Completely

Throughout the spike-filled, grunge-core, and frankly filthy world of Code Vein are maps. These maps can be hidden in chests, on the ground behind giant gas-mask wearing Lost, or simply right next to a missile. But, these maps aren't for any zones in the main story, since the map becomes clear once the player gets rid of the so-called "miasma". They're actually given to David back at home base in order to access the "Depths." Think of these as small versions of the Chalice Dungeons from Bloodborne. But, because they're strewn about, players usually miss a couple throughout their journey, meaning their perfect for going back to find once the story has ended.

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8 Use The Character Creator To Make All Sorts Of Neat Creations

To put it bluntly, Code Vein's character creator is one of the best we've seen in years. Why? Well just look at how many different characters people have made! Any character creator where people can make both Artorius from Dark Souls and Marge from The Simpsons is one we respect. So, if you've gotten your fill of the actual gameplay in Code Vein, the character creator is fantastic for trying to make fan-favorite characters, OCs for the artistically-inclined, and it even works just as a sort of "model viewer". Plus, the dev team adds in more costumes and accessories every couple of patches, so it's never really complete.

7 Time To Be A Loner With A Solo Run

Let's be honest, the secondary NPCs in Code Vein are way too strong. They can honestly solo bosses half the time, they can resurrect the player character, and their damage from minute one is staggering. There's been a real trend lately with making Souls-like games easier for a solo playthrough, and we appreciate that, but this almost seems like too much. Seriously, we tested it by letting big-boy Yakumo handle an early-game boss by himself and he killed it easily! NPCs shouldn't be able to just do that! So, if cruising through the game with an NPC safety net was a bit too easy the first time around, it might be time for a solo run. Just be aware the game was designed with co-op in mind, and that some ambush situations may seem more unfair because of it.

6 Farm For Valuables To Get Those Sweet NPC Weapons

The "Exchange Valuables" mechanic in Code Vein is a bit odd, we'll admit it. You give NPC's presents in exchange for "Trading Points" which you can then spend to get elusive items and materials that they seem to just be keeping in their pocket? Feels a tad roundabout, but who are we to judge. But, the coolest part is that at a shocking 50 trade points, most NPC's will offer up their signature weapon! That's right you can get Louis's Edgelord blade and even Yakumo's anime Greatsword. Though there must be a 3-D printer in the Home Base because they don't stop using the weapons themselves, they just give the player character a copy? In any case, getting to 50 takes a bit and these weapons are absurdly strong, so grabbing all of them will most likely have to wait until the player clears the story.

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5 Master The Boss Rush Arena Mod

Quite honestly, Code Vein is a bit lacking in the post-game content department. Sure, the adventure through the 15 Zones and 12 different Depths area's is a blast, and there is obviously a mountain of work put into the game by the devs. But, we're still a little disappointed that there wasn't much end-game content in the design document. Luckily, the fans as always, are to the rescue! They've added something that the Souls franchise has desperately needed for years, a Boss Rush Arena. It's not much more than a square where players can test their builds against all 17 bosses, but that's more than enough. Plus with a full-functioning Leaderboard, it's clear this fan put the work in. We highly recommend you check it out.

4 Obtain All 4 Endings

Code Vein is a pretty heavy story-based game. There are tons of cutscenes, things get dark, most everything in the game is fully voice-acted, and the overarching story absolutely plays into the setting and worldbuilding. And don't even get us started on the Vestiges system or how it provides backgrounds on all the important characters. But, what people might be missing, is that there are actually four different endings in CV, and the most any one person can do per playthrough is maybe...two of them. So at the very least, two of these endings will have to be saved for a second or third run, and that just gives us more time with these stereotypical but loveable anime vamps.

3 Restore Every Vestige

And, speaking of the Vestiges system, we personally love it. First of all, players can skip it entirely and still play the game. We mean that both in the fact that they can skip the "cutscene" portion of restoring them, or they can ignore restoring them completely. Secondly, it's a great way to give each NPC their own story sections without spending too much of the budget. It's obvious these sections were cheap to make and that's totally fine. We're always for extra content even if it involves a bit of reuse. And third, there are a ton of vestiges! Hidden everywhere throughout the game, the only way to find them it through the tell-tale whispering when one is nearby. You won't find them all easily, so make sure to hunt down each and everyone after the campaign is over.

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2 Help Your Friends Out

Code Vein is a multiplayer game. Heck, even when it's solo there's pseudo-multiplayer with the NPC follower system. God Eater games were great to play with friends, they functioned as a bit like a Monster Hunter for even dorkier weebs. Code Vein is much the same. It's not as obtuse a system as Dark Souls, so you won't have to keep an eye out for summon signs constantly. And, the netcode seems much better. Meaning there's no wait time while players run back and forth trying to get summon signs to spawn. That said if you've already beaten the story, feel free to test out different builds and gifts while helping your friend blast through their own campaign.

1 Test Tons Of Different Builds

Code Vein may seem like it's a bit more streamlined since every character can play every class, but there's a ton of depth. Unlike Souls Games, in which builds vary by equips, Code Vein also has followers, Blood Veils, and Gifts to play around with. And, since this is their first attempt, there are some frankly broken builds. So, if the Juggernaut Hammer build worked through the whole campaign, maybe it's time to try out something new? See if a pure-venom build even works, or try to be the hardest hitting glass cannon among all Revenants! Play around while we wait for DLC to come (which we we're sure must be on the way).

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