Code Vein, the action RPG game that many have dubbed “Anime Dark Souls,” has a new batch of screenshots for its growing number of excited fans. Details regarding Code Vein continue to be released at a trickle, but today’s website update features abundant new information including two dungeon introductions.

The wave of new Code Vein information starts with more thorough introductions to two support characters: Mia Karnstein and Yakumo Shinonome. Mia, in very anime fashion, wears a tall black ushanka hat, a corset, and thigh-high tights. Her clothing compliments her stylish bayonet and rifle, along with her Blood Veil named Stinger, which she uses for hit-and-run combat.

Code Vein also features an assist character named Yakumo Shinonome, a former mercenary bound by duty and his care for his fellow Revenants. Yakumo wields a giant two-handed sword and utilizes a Blood Veil named Hounds, which spawns wolf heads that devour an opponents blood. While typically very professional in manner, Yakumo’s Blood Veil works in contrast to its master with its sheer ferocity and violence. As an assist, Yakumo offers a great partner against stronger foes and in close-range combat.

Code Vein Anime Dark Souls Screenshots - Mia 1

Code Vein Anime Dark Souls Screenshots - Mia 2

Code Vein Anime Dark Souls Screenshots - Yakumo 1

Code Vein Anime Dark Souls Screenshots - Yakumo 2

Two new dungeons were also introduced in the latest Code Vein website update: the Underground Domain of the Ruined City and the Streets of the Ruined City. Both locations have been shown in previously released Code Vein screenshots and video, but without any details. The Streets are rimmed with “Thorns of Judgment” that have pierced the pavement, helping to hide enemies around every corner. And the Underground Domain is a mixture of dark caverns and brightly lit, mysterious constructs.

Within these dungeons are many enemy types, large and small, but all equally deadly. Newly revealed today are two new enemies, commonly known as Lost in the world of Vein. The first Lost is a monstrous, flowery enemy with six petal-like wings and a giant mouthed thorax. Where the first Lost is beautifully deadly, the second makes up for it in ugliness. This Lost is a huge humanoid wielding a giant hammer, with huge chunks of armor-like metal grafted onto its body and head.

Code Vein Anime Dark Souls Screenshots - Streets

Code Vein Anime Dark Souls Screenshots - Underground

Code Vein Anime Dark Souls Screenshots - Lost 1

Code Vein Anime Dark Souls Screenshots - Lost 2

Many more screenshots were uploaded to the website, but most were from past events or detailed previously announced features and gameplay. Fans can check them out in their entirety on the official Bandai Namco website for Code Vein, along with the currently released trailers. There’s clearly much more to Code Vein than what a nickname like “Anime Dark Souls” implies, but at the same time it’s a nickname that sets an expectation that the action game would like to meet.

Code Vein is tentatively planned for release in 2018 for the PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC. Stay tuned for more information on the Bandai Namco developed game in the months to come.