Code Vein Trailer Shows Dark Souls-Style Combat

Code Vein Trailer Shows Dark Souls-Style Combat - Revenants

It's fair to say that the hype for Code Vein, a new action-RPG from Dark Souls publisher Bandai Namco, was deflated a bit when it was discovered that the game wasn't tied to the Dark Souls series at all. But while Code Vein is not explicitly a Dark Souls game, its new "Bloodlust" trailer shows that it will feature a similar combat style as Bandai Namco's premiere action-RPG franchise.

The new trailer for Code Vein sets the stage for the story, and also gives players a glimpse at the Dark Souls-style combat. In Code Vein, it looks as though combat will consist of battling powerful enemies by rolling out of the way of their attacks and striking whenever possible. While we can't comment on if Code Vein's difficulty will match Dark Souls, the enemies seen in the trailer move very similarly to the enemies in Dark Souls.

While Code Vein looks like it will have combat heavily inspired by the Dark Souls franchise, there are a number of key differences that should set the games apart. Perhaps the most obvious difference first came to light a couple of weeks ago when Bandai Namco released screenshots showing the game's anime-like art style and characters, which stand in stark contrast to the Gothic horror art style seen in Dark Souls.

The new trailer gives anyone interested in Code Vein the chance to see these characters in action, and even in its early state, the game has rather stunning visuals. The animations are especially on point, and its unique blend of anime characters with photo-realistic environments is sure to help it stand apart from other games in the genre.

As it stands, vampire RPG Code Vein looks like it has plenty of potential thanks to its sharp visuals and Dark Souls-like combat. However, it's still far too early to say if it's a game worth getting excited about, especially since we don't even know which platforms it's going to release on. Code Vein is said to be in development for "major home consoles," which presumably means PS4 and Xbox One at the very least, but one has to wonder if the Nintendo Switch is in the mix as well.

Code Vein is in development for unspecified platforms with a planned 2018 release date.

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