10 Pro Tips For Code Vein You Should Know

The new game Code Vein is an interesting action RPG vampire game that puts the player in the role of a vampiric survivor seeking to fight evil at the risk of becoming one of the Lost. Embracing the Dark Souls style of gameplay and mechanics, Code Vein is proving to be a challenging but fun run.

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For those struggling with this difficult game or unsure of how to best prioritize their time, here are some solid tips to keep your character’s blood lust sated while they uncover the secrets of this new threat.

10 Magic

Magic is too powerful to ignore, regardless of your build or playstyle. Having a powerful projectile to soften a tough enemy or even obliterate weaker opponents is too useful a tool to pass up. Even if you’re adamant about building a melee tank character, you’ll find a use for a spell or two.

In addition to ranged combat and powerful DPS, spells can be used to lure an enemy or two away from groups. If you’re finding the game to be too hard then try adding a spell or two to your arsenal.

9 Keep Your Head On A Swivel

This game loves to throw surprises and enemies will ambush players from practically all directions. Avoid getting backstabbed or flanked by keeping an eye out for anyone tucked into the ceiling or crouched in the shadows.

In addition to keeping the enemy from getting the element of surprise, you’ll also start finding more shortcuts, secret routes, and other interesting areas. This is a game that rewards exploration, so keep an eye out and take your time or you’ll be forced to reload.

8 Specialize In One Weapon

In the beginning, spend some time getting familiar with the different types of weapons and figure out which playstyle and build you want to work on. Once you find a weapon you like and feel comfortable using for the long haul, pump all of your time and resources into it.

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You could split your efforts into multiple weapons under the logic that you want options for each scenario, but honestly, it’s a better pay off to pick a single weapon and master it. This might mean missing out on a Weapon Art Gift or two, but that won't matter much once the endgame is reached.

7 Boost Regeneration

There are two rare medicines scattered throughout the post-apocalyptic world that are absolutely worth watching out for. The first is the Regen Activation Factor, which will permanently enhance the raw power of the playable character's regeneration, providing more health.

The other one is the Regen Extension Factor, as this will increase the frequency that Regeneration can be used. Both are critical to long term survival and you should absolutely spend some time exploring the world for them.

6 Take Care Of Your Partner

Your best asset in this game is your partner. These NPCs provide a number of different benefits: They can distract bosses, provide additional DPS, and even alert you to secrets or nearby loot.

Right now there are four partners to choose from, so pick the best one to suit your needs and do all you can to keep them alive. Don’t hesitate to share a bit of your health bar to keep them at your side, it’s always a smart investment.

5 Ignore Your Partner’s Advice

Conversely, your partners are terrible at giving advice. Throughout the game, they’ll make comments about upcoming fights, often saying they are something that can be avoided or advising to take another route. It seems helpful, listening to them means missing out on great loot.

Typically, while tough, the fights they try to convince you to avoid have some great rewards. It’s almost always in your best interest to ignore what your partner says and tackle the foe head-on.

4 Hunt Down Blood Codes

Blood Codes are your bread and butter in this game. Obtain as many as possible, as they improve versatility in fights and can make a boss that much easier to bring down.

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Make sure you are routinely talking with your partners as they can often supply you with Blood Codes. Also, be sure to talk to any NPCs, as odds are they’re willing to help your cause or point you in the right direction to obtain Blood Codes.

3 Prioritize Side Quests

In order to make the main quest easier, it is best to spend much of your time pursuing and completing side quests. After taking down each boss, the first order of business should be to scour the old map to hunt down new quests.

It’s a great source of rewards and can help you grow into a powerful character before tackling the next area. It might be tempting to blitz through the main quest to see how the story plays out, but it’ll go faster if you take the time to finish the optional quests first.

2 Depths Maps are Golden

Speaking of which, Depths Maps are optional dungeons that are definitely worth exploring. Many quests will reward a map that opens a dungeon filled with powerful loot, materials, Vestiges, Blood Veils, and other rewards.

If you have one of these, the Depths Map should become your top priority, as it will help immensely for upcoming fights. As soon as a map hits your character’s hands, find Davis and begin exploring this new piece of content.

1 Don’t Power Level

The most important thing you should take away from this list is that you absolutely do not want to over-level your character. Given how tough some of the boss fights, it might seem counter-intuitive to not grind out your character beforehand, but it’s one of the worst things you can do.

The game scales the rewards based on how close you are to the enemies’ levels. If you are too powerful, your rewards will be paltry and you’ll lack essential resources needed for the later parts of the game. Keep your level close to whatever you are facing and try to focus more on your gear and passive abilities rather than your base level.

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