Just a couple of days ago, the video game publisher Bandai Namco Entertainment released a relatively new story trailer for its forthcoming action-RPG known as Code Vein, which teased out some of the elements in the forthcoming title’s overall narrative, while also showing off some fresh gameplay. Now, it seems as if the creators are turning their attention toward the possibility of bringing multiplayer support to the game, as producer Keita Iizuka and director Hiroshi Yoshimura explain how the feature could work should it come to pass.

Iizuka and Yoshimura revealed as much during a recent interview with GameReactor, with Code Vein‘s producer stating that although the development team can’t completely divulge all of the details regarding a potential multiplayer feature, it might work similarly to some sort of co-op mode that would make the AI companion player-controlled. As a matter of fact, Iizuka went as far to say that the studio is focusing on the “buddy system.”

“We are now thinking of the multiplayer support. But we cannot tell about details on this part. However, we really focus on the buddy system in this game, so with this idea we are negotiating and discussing with the development team to install a multiplayer support system.”

With the rise of online multiplayer games continuing as a trend in the industry and gaming world as a whole, the addition of a co-op multiplayer feature for Code Vein would likely be seen as a resounding success for most fans of the forthcoming title, as it would allow players to join in together to play through the campaign, adding a new dynamic to the game. And if developers provide couch co-op as multiplayer support, too, it will surely be heralded by those looking forward to the title.

All things considered, since Code Vein is being touted as a sort of anime-styled Dark Souls, the inclusion of co-op multiplayer support would give players the chance to test their skills not only as individuals, but also as a team. Having another living player as backup against the rather formidable Lost enemies instead of the game’s artificial intelligence standing in as a partner will surely be another big selling point for the game.

Code Vein is set to release sometime in early 2018 for PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One.

Source: GameReactor