Code Vein: How to Beat Invading Executioner

Invading Executioner Boss.

Code Vein is a new Souls-like action RPG from Bandai Namco, replete with vertical level design and challenging combat. There are many good Souls-like games out there, but Code Vein does an especially uncanny job of replicating the dense, interlinked level design and snappy, precise combat of games made by FromSoftware.

One of the Souls-like features that Code Vein replicates so well is varied, interesting, and very tough bossfights. The Invading Executioner is one of these difficult bosses, and presents a unique challenge from other foes that players have faced up to this point in the game.

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The Boss

The Invading Executioner is the boss for the Howling Pits area. The Executioner appears as a giant pale woman with a scythe-like polearm. She attacks with her scythe, but can also spin around its long handle or ride on it to move across the arena.

The most challenging part of this fight is the Invading Executioner’s constant use of attacks that cause the Slow status. There are a few ways to avoid this, however, detailed below. Other attacks to look out for are blasts of water that shoot up from the ground, indicated by red circles appearing beneath the surface of the watery floor.

The Executioner relies primarily on sweeping attacks, but also has a smash attack and dash attack, indicated by standing still or crouching down, respectively. When she starts to spin around on the handle of her weapon, the boss is preparing to launch a wave of projectiles outwards in a circle.

The Strategy

Coco the blacksmith.

Before facing any boss in a game like this, it is always prudent to save in Code Vein. Players should spend any Haze collected on levels, items, or Gifts so that they don’t get lost in case of a death. The Slow status effect can be easily avoided in two ways. Coco at the home base sells Anti-Slow medicine, and she can also provide the player with the Mercury Blood Code. This Blood Code has a Slow Removal Gift, which can be activated at a cost of two Ichor. One of these two options will be vital in this boss fight. It’s best to avoid ranged Gifts and save Ichor for removing the Slow status.

A fast partner like Louis is very beneficial in this fight. It can also be very helpful to take advantage of Code Vein’s co-op and send out a distress signal to get another player on your side. Overall, it is best to keep moving constantly during this fight. Players should try for only a couple hits at a time because the Invading Executioner recovers and attacks very quickly. The sweeping attacks can be easily dodged, giving the player access to the boss’s back for a few quick hits.

Code Vein is out now for PC, PS4, and Xbox One.

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