Code Vein: How to Get to Howling Pit

code vein howling pit

Code Vein, Bandai Namco's new anime-styled action RPG, is out now, and players are currently busy enjoying the game's extensive character creation tools and finding out how long it takes to beat Code Vein firsthand. As these players progress on their journeys, they may find themselves occasionally confused about exactly how to get to an area that they need to reach. For example, some fans may be lost trying to get to Code Vein's Howling Pit, and this guide looks to assist these players.

To note, the Howling Pit is where players should go after Dried-Up Trenches in Code Vein. Dried-Up Trenches is where fans will do battle with Code Vein's Insatiable Despot boss, and reaching the Howling Pit is the first time that a player will need to do significant backtracking in the game. This backtracking is the reason that some players may be confused about how to reach the Howling Pit in Code Vein.

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How to Get to Howling Pit in Code Vein

To get to Code Vein's Howling Pit, players should first use a Mistle to teleport to the Parking Garage in the Ruined City Center. From there, players should head south and descend the ladder to exit the Parking Garage. Fans will then follow a path southwest for a short time, eventually arriving at a four-way intersection in the Dark Souls-inspired Code Vein.

At this intersection, players should turn left to go south and then stay to the left at the fork that they will reach almost immediately after the intersection. This will lead fans east to a pit that they should carefully descend by jumping from one protruding rock formation to the next. After some time, players will find an entrance and a pathway that will take them to the Code Vein Howling Pit, Area G-12, and a Mistle.

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While Code Vein reviews have not been particularly stellar, players are still finding things to love in this vampire RPG. So long as player are able to get to Area G-12 in Code Vein, and advance the game's story, they will also be able to enjoy exactly what the title has to offer for themselves.

Code Vein is out now on PC, PS4, and Xbox One.

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