Code Vein: Where to Find Goddess Statue

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Code Vein is the new beautiful action RPG from Bandai Namco. Code Vein is an updated, Dark Souls-esque title that brings all the dark imagery players expected; it's set in a post-apocalyptic dystopian future with vampires.

During the battle for more blood (which many players got free for donating blood at TwitchCon), players will have to complete a series of missions. While most of the missions have clues to help solve them, the mission to find the Goddess Statue does not. Here's a quick walk through to find the statue and its mechanism.

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Getting the Mission

To get the statue mission, players will have to complete the Howling Pit. After that, players will be charged with finding the statue somewhere in the ruins. But where exactly?

For an additional clue, talk to Mia. She says, “You know the statue of the goddess in the ruins? There’s a mechanism inside of it.” On the map board, it does tell players that it's in the Ruined City Center somewhere. That is the only real clue, but that doesn't help much; the Ruined City Center is huge.

In the Ruined City Center

Once out in the City Center, players can find the Goddess Statue in the Park area.

Head north from the Park Mistle. There is a ladder to the East that's marked on the above map that leads to an elevated area that houses the statue. The Statue is rather smallish and blends in. If players wandered by it earlier, they may not have even noticed it was there. Once the statue has been located, players will need to walk up to it and grab the mechanism. If players are still having trouble finding it, they should grab a friend for some Code Vein co-op to get another set of eyes on the map.

Code Vein is now available for PlayStation4, Xbox One, and Windows.

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