Code Vein Trailer Shows Off Intense Insatiable Despot Boss Fight

code vein despot

Bandai Namco has released the latest trailer for its upcoming Action-RPG Code Vein, this time detailing the Insatiable Despot boss.

Code Vein promises to be a difficult game like Dark Souls but offers a different art style and an increased focus on the plot as compared to From Software's popular series. One thing that seems to be the same, though, are brutally difficult boss fights.

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This latest trailer reveals the Insatiable Despot, one of the bosses players will have to defeat while playing Code Vein. The trailer is short, but the large monster makes short work of the player character. The Insatiable Despot starts with using daggers for quick sweeping hits that seem contrary to the monster's large size before pulling out an axe that has much slower, but far more powerful hits. Given the monster's size, it may be difficult to dodge this beast as players try and take it down. Despite the trailer being less than a minute, one thing is clear - the Insatiable Despot will not hesitate to beat players down.

These bosses are no laughing matter in Code Vein. An earlier trailer revealed the Butterfly of Delirium, an equally dangerous foe that has a venomous tail. When this Souls-like title releases later this month, it's clear that bosses are going to provide the most resistance and demand the most understanding of Code Vein's systems to survive. In Code Vein, players will have to master different weapon types and Blood Veils to fight properly, and in Souls-like fashion, will punish players that fail to grasp its intricacies.

It may seem like there's been a trickle of information regarding Code Vein for a long time, and that is true. The Action RPG has been delayed multiple times, originally set to release last year before being delayed to 2019. Bandai Namco stated that the delays were due to gameplay enhancements, which will hopefully shine through in the final release. Regardless, Code Vein seems to finally be releasing this month, so the end is near for those that have been waiting on this anime-flavored Dark Souls-like title.

Code Vein will release on PC, PS4, and Xbox One on September 29.

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