Clever Code Vein Promotion Lets Players Earn A Free Copy of the Game

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Later this week, Bandai Namco Entertainment will be releasing Code Vein, a vampire RPG that's been called anime Dark Souls. Bandai Namco will be on hand at TwitchCon to promote the game, which will include a blood drive that will let participants get a free copy of the game.

Bandai Namco took to social media to announce the Code Vein Blood Bank, taking place on September 27 at 170 Sixth Ave in San Diego, California from 10am to 4pm PT. Hosted in conjunction with American Red Cross, anyone who donates blood as part of the Code Vein Blood Bank will receive a free copy of the game, in addition to a "promo blood kit." Since Code Vein is about vampires, the promotion is rather fitting. Not only does it allow Bandai Namco get the word out about its new game, but it's also a good cause.

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Code Vein has been on the radar of many Dark Souls enthusiasts since its reveal for a number of reason. For one, the Code Vein combat is clearly inspired by Dark Souls, complete with ultra-tough bosses that are sure to push players' skills to their limit. Secondly, the game is published by Bandai Namco, which is the same company that publishes From Software's Souls games.

It remains to be seen if Code Vein will live up to the legacy of the Dark Souls games that inspired it, but its anime aesthetic and vampire theme definitely make it stand out from the pack. And if anyone attending TwitchCon this weekend is interested in the game but hesitant to actually spend cash on it, this Code Vein Blood Bank will let them get their hands on it in exchange for some of their blood.

Of course, players can try Code Vein without donating to the blood drive - though it would be great to support the cause. Bandai Namco has released multiple Code Vein demos to give players a taste of what to expect from the full game that will be available at the end of the week.

Code Vein launches on September 27 for PC, PS4, and Xbox One.

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