New Cobalt Blue Nintendo 3DS & 3DS Bundles Hitting Japan

Nintendo 3DS Colbalt Blue Color

Japanese gamers usually get some pretty awesome video game-related things that everyone over here in North America don't. It's fine for the most part, but once in a while a product comes out in Japan that makes us jealous. Nintendo is responsible for an envy-creating Japan-exclusive this time around, and it comes in the form of a bunch of new, and totally awesome, Nintendo 3DS bundles.

The most newsworthy thing, before we get into the bundle details, is that the 3DS will soon be coming in a new color called Cobalt Blue. As the name suggests, this shade of blue will be noticeably darker than the currently available Aqua Blue 3DS, and chances are this color will eventually make its way over to other parts of the world at some point this year.

Fire Emblem Nintendo 3DS Bundle

As for the bundles, Nintendo has announced plans to release a Fire Emblem package that includes the Cobalt Blue 3DS system, a copy of the upcoming game, and a ¥1,000 ($12.25) Fire Emblem-themed points card that can be spent on items in the eShop — presumably so gamers can partake in some of that sweet, sweet Fire Emblem DLC. The 3DS that comes with this deal also has Fire Emblem designs on it — similar to the recent The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time 3DS bundle — making it a must-buy for avid collectors. This package will be available on April 19th in Japan.

Beginner Monster Hunters Packs Nintendo 3DS

Other bundles that were detailed include two separate Monster Hunter 3G sets that each come in one of two colors. Beginner Monster Hunters Packs, as they've appropriately been called, will come with a Flame Red 3DS, while the opposing bundle will come with a Cosmo Black 3DS color variant. The only downside to these packages is that consumers will not get a cool design on either of the handhelds, and they also miss out on additional Nintendo eShop currency.

Super Mario 3D Land 3DS Bundles

The last pair of bundles are actually similar to one that was floating around North America during this past Holiday season. The Super Mario 3D Land game and 3DS combo isn't a new concept, but it's been mildly refined to give gamers a few more options. Instead of the Flame Red Nintendo 3DS, Japanese gamers can now choose between a Misty Pink or Ice White color. More importantly, each unit now comes with the original Super Mario Bros. game preloaded onto the 3DS' SD card.

It's possible that the Fire Emblem bundle will eventually make its way over to North American shores at some point, as long as the game does indeed see a release outside of Japan. The Super Mario 3D Land package seems like it'll inevitably make its way over here though, so if you've been eyeing up a 3DS lately then you may want to hold off just a little longer.


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Source: Andriasang

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