EA Sports confirms that professional wrestler turned mixed martial artist CM Punk will be joining the roster of playable fighters in the upcoming EA Sports UFC 2.

Former WWE Champion CM Punk was once a consistent presence in gaming, as he appeared in numerous WWE-branded video games, and even had a turn as a WWE game cover athlete at one point. Now, having been absent from the WWE for well over a year, Punk looks to be returning to video games, this time as a playable fighter on the roster of EA Sports UFC 2.

EA Sports has confirmed that CM Punk, who has yet to actually debut in the UFC, will be making his UFC video game debut in EA Sports UFC 2. Punk joins a growing roster of fighters, including cover athletes Ronda Rousey and recent victor Conor McGregor.

As of now, not a lot is known about EA Sports UFC 2 despite the fact that the game is due for release within the next few months, and the addition of CM Punk adds even more unknown factors to the equation. For example, it is unknown what his attire will look like, considering the fact that he has yet to actually fight in the UFC, and what his exact fighting style will look likr is also a mystery.

It seems likely that EA Sports UFC 2, with its spring 2016 release, will hit store shelves long before CM Punk actually steps into the Octagon. If that is the case, then the developers will likely have to take some liberties with Punk’s fighting style and attire, though it’s possible that the latter has already been finalized.

Rhonda Rousey UFC 2 cover

At any rate, the addition of CM Punk to the EA Sports UFC 2 roster is an interesting choice, and gives the game additional star power, which is especially important after Ronda Rousey’s recent loss. It’s possible that those that followed CM Punk’s WWE career that usually aren’t interested in UFC may consider checking the game out thanks to Punk, potentially giving the game wider appeal.

Though, speaking of WWE stars turned UFC fighters, EA Sports UFC 2 is losing a major fighter in Brock Lesnar. As some may recall, Lesnar was featured in EA Sports UFC despite being under WWE contract at the time, due to the terms of that contract. Since then, Lesnar has signed a new contract with WWE, and while the specifics of it aren’t public knowledge, that could be what’s keeping the former UFC Champion from appearing in the game.

However, UFC and WWE seem to have a decent relationship with one another, with UFC president Dana White allowing Ronda Rousey to make an appearance at WrestleMania 31. Because of this, perhaps Lesnar could be added to the game later on as DLC. As unlikely as it may be, it’s also possible that Lesnar could be a hidden unlockable fighter in the game, not unlike how legendary martial artist Bruce Lee was in the first EA Sports UFC title.

What do you think about CM Punk potentially appearing in EA Sports UFC 2 before he even makes his UFC debut? Are you more interested in the game now that Punk is confirmed as a playable fighter? Leave us your thoughts about CM Punk and EA Sports UFC 2 in the comments below.

EA Sports UFC 2 is slated for release in spring 2016, for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.

Source: MMA Junkie