A little more than one month before the virtual game is set to close its doors, Club Penguin has played host to a new phenomenon: speed running bans. Yes, players are trying to see who is the fastest at creating a Club Penguin account, joining the server, and then promptly being banned.

While there is no definitive catalyst for Club Penguin ban speedrunning, the “competition” gained popularity after a post on Reddit showed a gamer getting banned within a few minutes. Eventually, that small joke snowballed into a fully-fledged competition, with the clever Banned% category.

Given that Club Penguin is published by Disney and is meant for kids, it isn’t incredibly difficult to get banned from the game. Most of the speed running comes from quickly setting up an account – using a fake e-mail, of course – and navigating the menus until one can type in open chat. After that, it’s merely a matter of inputting a few profane words and the ban follows.

Why exactly speedrunners have decided to take up the Banned% runs in Club Penguin is unclear, the fact the game is closed up shop might have something to do with it. Since Disney decided to shut down the Club Penguin servers, whoever has the dubious record at the end will have that record forever. Assuming that any of the fervent Club Penguin resurrection petitions don’t convince Disney to change its mind.

club penguin chat

In the mean time, these quirky speed runners have until March 29th to try to get the world record before Club Penguin shuts off its servers. And though it may be a sad day for some diehard fans, the Club Penguin name will live on.

Almost in step with the closure of the original Club Penguin, Disney will be launching Club Penguin Island, a “new” mobile and desktop game that uses a different platform. While we don’t know too much about that game, it’s safe to say that at least one of these speed runners will be ready at minute one to go for the Banned% record on Club Penguin Island, thus continuing the cycle of pointless video game records.

Club Penguin shuts down its servers on March 29.