CliffyB Praises Gears 5 For Having A Woman on the Cover

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"I was told for decades 'games with female leads don't sell," CliffyB tweeted out on Wednesday night. Cliff Bleszinski, also known as CliffyB, was the lead designer and creator of the first three installments of the Gears of War series. Bleszinski received early access to Gears 5 and has praised The Coalition for its female lead.

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"Not gonna lie, seeing a woman on the cover of a Gears game makes me happy," Bleszinski said. Bleszinski's final project with Epic was working on Gears of War 3 whose cover had Marcus Fenix front in center. Flanking behind Marcus in the background is Anya, one of the first female characters to make it on Gears of War cover art. Now Gears 5 prominently features Kait Diaz with a majority of the male cast members flanking her.

Cliff has never been one to hide his feelings on Twitter, but the most interesting part is when Cliff goes on to say "Call me a SJW if you want, I just like seeing women kick butt, always have, always will." Cliff had previously made it a point to hire a diverse staff with his company after he left Epic Games. As a result, many called Bleszinski's Boss Key Productions an SJW, or Social Justice Warrior, endeavor. Critics mocked Boss Key's efforts with Lawbreakers and called his character backstories, "SJW oppressive-narratives." Lawbreakers had several strong female characters, and there were plans to move forward with transgender characters as well.

After the company's flagship games failed upon release, Boss Key, unfortunately, went under. Bleszinski admitted it was "humbling" to see the number of active users on his projects drop so low.  Afterward, Bleszinski announced that he was stepping away from game development indefinitely. However, these personal setbacks have not kept the developer from the gaming industry altogether.

CliffyB wasn't the first to shoutout studio head of The Coalition, Rod Fergusson, on the new Gears 5. Neil Druckman, director of Last of Us 2, has also praised the game calling the graphics "gorgeous". In our own Gears 5 review, we praised the game for being enthralling "from start to finish." Needless to say, the new Gears 5 game is promising to be a smash hit success across the board.

Gears 5 will be available to play on September 10th for PC and Xbox One.

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