Cliffy B Teasing Epic Games VGA Announcement of a 'New' & 'Fresh' Title

Epic Games Teasing Big Annoucement For The VGA's

The excitement of the Video Game Awards. Say what you want about the quality of the show but, if one thing is for sure, it's that we can always look forward to jaw dropping game announcements - which seems to be the case again this year as Epic Games' Cliff Bleszinski is teasing a "fresh, new experience."

To put it simply, the game could be anything, and nothing is more fun than speculation, which leads us to think this "fresh, new experience" could be one in a number of possibilities.

The first is that it's a continuation of the Gears of War franchise, possibly in a different genre such as a Gears RPG. However, considering the fact that Gears of War 3 only came out three months ago, it doesn't seem wise for Epic to unveil a sequel so soon. Not to mention that words "fresh" and "new" don't really lend credence to this theory - as Gears of War is hardly fresh or new at this point.

One fan favorite title that has been hinted at in the past is Shadow Complex 2. The original game is an iconic Xbox Live Arcade title, and one that fans have been begging to see in sequel form. There's also a chance we could see Bullestorm 2. Despite the original Bulletstorm selling poorly, there is still a strong possibility for a sequel - considering the game itself was a fun spin on the FPS genre. However, the title is being developed internally at Epic, so unless Epic has decided to work on either of those two titles we probably won't be seeing them at the VGA's this year.

Certainly though, many are hoping that we'll see a brand new IP from Cliffy B. Aside from the fact that the title is being developed at Epic's headquarters, we don't have much else to go by, but considering just how much content Gears of War 3 was packed with, we're sure it will be a title worth anticipating.

The Spike Video Game Awards air this Saturday, December 10th.


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