Gears of War and Lawbreakers creator Cliff Bleszinski talks about developing at least one or two more games before he considers retiring into parenthood.

Cliff Bleszinski tore into the video game scene years ago with a big personality and an even bigger IP, Gears of War. In the year’s since the franchise’s launch he’s become a household name (at least in gaming houses) and moved away from the series that brought him his fame. As work continues on his next project, Lawbreakers, Cliffy B. discusses the how many years he has left in the industry.

Bleszinski is by no means an old-timer, but the developer has been at it for over a decade and likely has more than enough money to retire on whenever he is ready. His games have been financial successes and his early investment in Oculus turned into a healthy chunk of change when Facebook got involved. Despite all of his success, when he sees fatherhood coming, he may be ready to retire his jersey to concentrate on parenthood full-time.

During an interview with IGN about the upcoming Lawbreakers, Cliffy B. explained that if he and his wife decide to have children, he would want to put games aside and concentrate on being a family man…

“I’ve got at least one or two [more] in me… I’m pumping the brakes on that as long as I can because as much as I love kids…they’re a lot of work… And I tell my wife, ‘What do we like right now? Video games, movies, travel, sleep, alcohol, nice dinners, time with friends.’ And from what I understand about having a child, it’s one of the most rewarding things you can do. But like I say, anything worth doing in life is work–it’s a lot of work, man.”

Lawbreakers logo

Lawbreakers is a shooter that is aiming for release late this year, so depending on how well it is received, Bleszinski likely has a very busy year or two ahead of him. The game is built around online multiplayer, so it will require frequent patches, balancing, DLC, and expansions. He also suggested the possibility of future games in the same universe if this title catches on.

The developer is obviously very passionate about all of his projects, so it is hard to imagine him walking away from the world of gaming, even if he does have children. Things seem to be going well at Boss Key and hopefully Cliffy B. could find a way to balance work and family when the time comes, so that he can continue working on projects like Lawbreakers.

“I’m having too much fun [to retire]… I love pitching a weapon or a character and then seeing a sketch for it two days later. I want to see cosplayers with this game, I want to see tattoos, I want couples coming up to me telling me they met and fell in love online playing this game. That’s what gets me out of bed in the morning.”

Time will tell if Lawbreakers has the same mass appeal that Gears of War did. The world of competitive online games continues to grow every month and games like Battleborn and Overwatch are already fighting for a spot in the crowded sector.

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LawBreakers is set to release exclusively on Steam for PC sometime this year.

Source: IGN