Epic Games' Cliff Bleszinski Shares a Few 'Fortnite' Details

Cliff Bleszinski Fortnite VGA Details

Amidst the highly anticipated trailer reveals for long running franchises, series reboots, and trilogy enders, a few new IPs were unveiled that left gamers intrigued, but also a bit confused. Among those games was Epic Games' new IP Fortnite, which was introduced via a CG trailer comprised of some daytime fortress construction and nighttime zombie killing.

Though Epic Games has revealed a few additional details about Fortnite since the VGAs, those pale in comparison to hearing about the game straight from the dragon’s mouth, or in this case from Cliff Bleszinski’s mouth. After the awards extravaganza, Cliffy B wanted to give gamers a few more Fortnite details including how the game will incorporate two different styles of gameplay.

Below you will find a post-VGA press conference in which Bleszinski answers one or two questions about Fortnite, but unfortunately it also contains some spoilers for Gears of War 3, so feel free to skip past it for the major Fortnite bullet points.


As the trailer indicates, Fortnite can best be described as a combination of Minecraft and Left 4 Dead. Groups of players (how many exactly we do not know) will work together to fortify their base during the daytime, and then attempt to fight off a horde of ghoulies during the nighttime. As Bleszinksi states, Epic prides themselves on solid shooter mechanics, but those won't make up the sole backbone of Fortnite. The trailer did a solid job of setting up the concept, even if it wasn’t actual game footage.

What the trailer didn’t address, however, is the fact that Fortnite is currently without a publisher. As Cliff reveals, Fortnite’s VGAs trailer was meant to be a teaser not just for the fans, but also for any company that might be interested in releasing the game. Our expectation is, given Epic’s close ties with Microsoft, that it would be a perfect fit on Xbox Live Arcade, but one has to figure that exclusivity offer has already been made.

We’ll just have to wait and see how the story of Fortnite develops.

What do you think of Fortnite’s dual gameplay scenarios? How would you like to see Fortnite reach the masses: as a multi-platform downloadable or as a retail release?

Source: Forbes

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