‘Civilization: Beyond Earth’ Cinematic Trailer Is Reminiscent of ‘Interstellar’

By | 2 years ago 

Firaxis is putting on the full court press for their latest strategy installment as the days dwindle down to the launch of Civilization: Beyond Earth on October 24, 2014. Six months ago, Firaxis unveiled its first Civilization: Beyond Earth teaser trailer and last week, we got a deeper look with a ten minute extended overview gameplay trailer which showcased the core elements of the game. Now, less than two weeks from launch, the cinematic trailer has finally arrived.

While the cinematic trailer does not showcase any actual gameplay, features or functions, what it does is set a tremendously interesting mood for the game itself. As previously discussed in the ten minute preview, something alluded to as “The Great Mistake” has caused much of Earth’s civilizations to fracture or collapse entirely. In this new trailer, we see more evidence of this.

We see a long dirt road being traveled by an unnamed man and what is presumably his daughter, flanked by countless canvas tents. The dusty and arid landscape seems to hint that humans have nearly exhausted their available natural resources and are living on a dying planet. Various people are chosen for the launch to travel to another star system, while others are left behind.

Civilization: Beyond Earth

The trailer paints vivid pictures – one of hopelessness for a father staying behind, sending his daughter to the stars on an unknown voyage, but also one of hope for those venturing to a new world, seeking to rebuild what is left of the human race. The great technology of Earth’s civilizations built these great spaceships to travel the stars, but only a select few can go. Saying goodbye, as it is portrayed (and hammered home by the score), is a sorrowful but hopeful exchange between the people shown. Comparisons to Christopher Nolan’s upcoming movie Interstellar (though in no way affiliated) are not unnoticed as both have similar tones and messages.

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Civilization: Beyond Earth will be released October 24, 2014 on the PC, Mac and Linux.

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