Think Steam’s measly 10% off Winter Sale deal on Civilization VI was unimpressive? Here’s four better deals.

The Winter solstice is now behind us and the season has officially begun, so have the ever popular PC Gaming Winter Sales. Of course there are deals all over the map but one of the hottest offers is on the PC exclusive and recent October 2016 launch Civilization 6. The popular strategy series title is discounted at multiple retailers but the best Civilization 6 deal is 34% off after coupon.

Best Civilization VI Winter Deal

  • Sid Meier’s Civilization VI Digital Deluxe: $52.52 (Steam)
  • Sid Meier’s Civilization VI: $39.34 (Steam)
  • Total 34% off, Use Coupon: DEALZON15

The voucher/coupon code is entered in at the first stage of checkout under the “Vouchers” section at GMG. There you’ll need to switch from the default “Gift Card” tab over to the “Vouchers” tab and enter in the code for the 10% extra savings. One extra step compared to directly applying the codes at GMG from the past, but not really much of a hassle.


The best deal from the Winter Sale bunch is of course GMG, where the price of the Standard Edition drops from $59.99 to its historic low of $39.86 – the first time she’s dropped below the $40 mark. This beats out the 20% to 25% discount you see in most 2016 Winter Sales (e.g. the DLGamer deal we listed above as alternative). You’ll also find similar discount at WinGameStore for 20% off to $47.99 for the Standard Edition of Civilization VI – but its a moot point to mention given the two other much cheaper prices listed above. With the Steam Store price on Civilization VI only at 10% off for Standard and 15% off for Deluxe – it’s clear who the winners are for bargain hunters.

The discount at GMG is set to run through December 26 at 9AM Pacific. That gives you just past Christmas to claim Civ VI at its lowest price to date. If you’re a hardcore Civ fan, we think springing the extra $10 for the Digital Deluxe Edition will be well worth it, given the additional Civilization Packs are priced at $5 each (hence their mixed reviews thus far from users).