Civilization 6 Pre-Order Deals Roundup

Discounts on Civilization VI deals are updated now that the game has been released!

Prior to this week, if you wanted a discount on the October 21 releasing Civilization VI, you were out of luck from authorized digital retailers. Today it all changes (cue dramatic Civ intro music). A fire has been lit under at least two popular PC digital retailer with cheap discounts for Civilization VI.

Note: As mentioned above, discounts have taken a new spin for Steam key of Civilization VI pre-orders in North America. Right now at GMG, if you buy a copy of Civilization VI you'll receive an instant discount of 15% off, as long as you add the game to your shopping cart. Note that the discount will only show up then and there. This is a limited time deal that may expire as the game is released.

Update: new round of deals for Civilization VI are now listed below thanks to a new round of discounts from Winter Sale. These are probably the best you'll see before the year end.

GMG Deals

DLGamer Deals

GamesPlanet Deals (EU/UK Only)

Update: The best discount is at GMG and available for a limited time. Details and prices above are updated as of December.

There are minor hoops you need to jump through to get this deal: 1) First you'll need to login or create an account here. Then you must add Civilization VI to cart. You will see 20% savings to $47.99. It gets better at checkout when you enter coupon code VIP3 for an additional 3% off. This instant savings ma not last for long, and the coupon is only valid through Friday, September 30 so you'll need to act fast to get that extra buck and a half off.

Bundle Stars is the other retailer worth mentioning with a decent 20% discount. This Civ 6 deal will last all the way through October 20, or the day before Civilization VI launches.

Since both Bundle Stars and GMG are fully authorized 2K retailers you'll get the same Aztec Civilization Pack pre-order bonus that you've undoubtedly spotted already at Steam Store. The pack itself grants you 90 day early access to the Aztec civilization, and who wouldn't want the opportunity to play Montezuma? Also included in the pack are unique units eagle warrior, unique building tlatchli, and the wonder Huey Teocalli.

Note that while the Aztec Civilization Pack bonus is included in all pre-order copy, gamers that bought long after pre-order period will eventually be granted access to the packs for free too. The pack will unlock about 90 days after Civilization VI has been released, so this is essentially an early access pack that won't cost more for other Civilization VI owners down the line (a happy change of direction in our opinion on pre-order bonuses).

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