Civilization 6 Is Adding Persia


Just recently, Firaxis Games has announced its decision to incorporate Persia as the next empire within the sixth installment of its turn-based strategy series, Civilization 6. The news of the Persian civilization being added into the title comes not long after the developer's reveal to add Australia to the game, making it the first appearance for the Land Down Under in the franchise's history.

Once Persia is added to the turn-based strategy game, the empire will be led by Cyrus II, who is more commonly known as Cyrus the Great. For those fans of who are unaware of Cyrus the Great's history, he founded the Achaemenid Empire – that is, of course, a Persian civilization – which was the largest culture and society the world had ever seen prior to Alexander the Great's Ancient Greek kingdom of Macedon, which was an empire that could be chosen in prior entries to Civilization 6.

Persia's unique improvement to set it apart from other empires in Civilization 6 is The Pairidaeza, or Persian Gardens. These tile improvements are set to provide culture, gold, and appeal and gives bonuses to adjacent districts and city centers. Over time, The Pairidaeza will provide more yields as players move through the game's tech and civics trees. It also has the unique ability of Satrapies, giving fans a free trade route and bonuses to internal trade routes once Political Philosophy is unlocked, and it has the special unit of the Immortal.

Cyrus the Great's special ability in Civilization 6 is Fall of Babylon, which gives all Persian units a bonus movement after the declaration of a surprise war. Not to mention, Cyrus also takes less of a diplomatic penalty than other leaders when he declares surprise wars. To this extent, Firaxis describes Persia as the perfect civilization for players who want to control a wealthy empire, but who aren't fearful of launching an unexpected military strike on their opponents.

Fans who purchased the Digital Deluxe Edition of Civilization 6 should see Persia added automatically into the game, but additional pricing for those who wish to get Cyrus the Great's empire as a standalone were not mentioned. Nevertheless, this example of Firaxis Games' continued support for Civilization 6 will undoubtedly continue to lead the turn-based strategy title to more success on Steam.

Civilization 6 is available now for PC and Mac.

Source: Sid Meier's Civilization – YouTube

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