The video game developer Firaxis Games introduces the second round of DLC for its turn-based strategy title, Civilization 6, which adds Australia to the game.

With Civilization 6 being a massive success on Steam in terms of its sales and user base – it sold over one million copies about 4 months ago, to be specific – it stands to reason that there are still plenty of PC players out there who are taking “just one more turn” and filling up the free hours of their days with the turn-based strategy release. Of course, with Firaxis Games having put out the title’s Poland DLC in December of last year and with the game having been one of the most highly anticipated games of holiday 2016, many were not likely surprised by the financial feat, nor would they be shocked if the addition of Australia in its forthcoming DLC manages to cause an uptick in sales.

As seen below in the video courtesy of Sid Meier’s Civilization YouTube page, Firaxis Games intends on including Australia as one of the selections in the turn-based strategy title’s wide-ranging choices of civilizations by releasing the country in the second round of DLC. However, the developer didn’t explicate exactly when the Civilization 6 expansion and its contents will be available, nor did it provide any details regarding its price point.

For those unaware, the inclusion of Australia in the direct followup to one of the best political video games of all time marks the first instance of the country being made available as a playable civilization within the franchise’s entire history. The nation is to be led by John Curtin – Australia’s prime minister during the final four years of World War II before his death. Curtain’s unique ability in Civilization 6 is called Citadel of Civilization, which doubles production if war has been declared on the country in the last 10 turns, or if it has liberated a city in the previous 20 turns.

In addition to the aforementioned Citadel of Civilization features, Australia’s unique ability also provides bonus housing when a city is constructed on a coastal tile, and Campuses, Commercial Hubs, Holy Sites, and Theater Squares will all receive extra bonuses when built on tiles with Charming or Breathtaking-level appeal. The unique tile improvement for Australia is the Outback Station, providing food and production. Additionally, adjacent Pastures can be used to improve Outback Stations’ yield, while Pastures can also trigger a culture bomb upon being built. Plus, the nation gets a unit called the Digger, which not only replaces the standard Infantry unit, but also receives a power buff when in combat outside of Australian territory or on water-adjacent land tiles.

While the addition of Australia to Civilization 6 is sure to excite many players, it’s possible that fans will be more thrilled by the prospect of getting “two of the community’s most-requested features,” which are to come as a free update and include Steam Workshop support, as well as the chance to play as part of a team in multiplayer, both against the AI or other players. The features are set to arrive “soon” alongside balance changes and bug fixes, so hopefully fans of the Game Awards 2016 winner for Best Strategy Game won’t have to wait too long for all of this fresh content.

Civilization 6 is out now for Mac and PC.