Civilization 5 Invading the Mac Starting This Holiday Season

Civilization 5 Coming to Mac

Who doesn’t want to take over the world? Up until now only PC gamers everywhere were able to test their wits in Sid Meier’s Civilization V, but all that is about to change this holiday season. Aspyr Media, publishers of the game, have announced that they will be releasing a Mac version and it will be available before the year is up.

Civ 5 has been getting tremendous praise from PC gamers for its addictive nature and features that mix up the gameplay they have come to know and love. The game has been getting so much good buzz in fact that there is a planned release of some DLC for the game, allowing gamers to experience the struggles of Genghis Kahn or Nebuchadnezzar II. Who doesn’t love playing as leaders with funny names?

As a Mac owner, it brings me great joy to know that I will finally get to experience what is sure to be one of 2010’s games of the year. Each of the games in the Civilization series has been a step in the same direction, just with a different shoe. This fifth iteration looks to contain some of the biggest changes (hexagonal tiles, no stacking), but it should still be very recognizable. Thank you Aspyr Media, Sid Meier, and Firaxis Games, you have made Mac owners very happy.

Currently, beyond mention of the holiday season there is no solid release date for the game. On top of that, there is no mention of the minimum specs required for Mac users, but if they are anything like the specs for the PC version I would anticipate the game requiring, at minimum, the type of power contained within a MacBook Pro. Aspyr Media is also working with Steamworks in order to provide a digital release for the game. Stay tuned to Game Rant for more information on the Mac version of Civ V as it comes down the pipeline.

Any Mac users out there jumping for joy over this news? What other popular PC games would you like to see make the jump to the Mac?

Civilization V is out now for the PC and will be available this holiday season for the Mac.

Source: Game Agent Blog

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