'Civilization 5' Add-On Content Heralds the Coming of Genghis Khan

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Coming on October 25th, two Civilization V DLC packs will available for your downloading pleasure: 'The Babylonian Civilization Pack' and 'The Mongols Civilization and Scenario Pack'. The first pack will unlock the leader Nebuchadnezzar II conjuring visions of epic battles between Caesar and Nebuchadnezzar, costing $4.99! This is the same content that was included with digitally purchased versions of Civ V. The second pack will unlock the Mongols, but the pack includes not just the great Genghis Khan but also a scenario in which you will be tasked with riding with Genghis Khan and his Mongol horsemen. The best part about this second pack is that it will be free to all Civilization customers.

One thing I noticed when I first played Civilization V was the surprising lack of leaders. Having played Civilization since it was originally launched back in 1991, I was always enthralled by the number of civilizations and leaders that you could play with. These different leaders, and Civilization's wide range of gameplay styles and techniques, made playing Civ truly dynamic. Though the gameplay changes in Civ V offered a new kinda of dynamics, there wasn’t a lot of range in the leader selections. I figured that there probably was going to be an expansion that would add more in the way of civilizations and leaders, but it seems like Firaxis has some short term solutions for us.

So what do you think Ranters? Is this just a colossal money grab? Or maybe the civilizations just were not ready yet and the cost is to help offset bandwith and time? Will you be ruling the wold with the Mongol horde? We want to know! Comment bellow and tell us what you think, and if you haven’t already, make sure you check out our Civilization V review.

Civilization V will have their new DLC available for download on October 25. Now, where is my Mac version?

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