Civilization 4 Song "Baba Yetu" Recieves Grammy Nomination

Those of you familiar with Civilization 4 will remember the catchy opening theme for the game, entitled "Baba Yetu". The 3 and a half minute track, with vocals provided by the Soweto Gospel Choir, provided a great backing as the opening video demonstrated the technical side of the game. Now, with the release of Civilization 5, its apparent that not everything about the game is going to be outshone by its predecessor - and a Grammy Nomination speaks louder than words.

Christopher Tin, the 34 year old composer of the song, is actually up for two nominations: first for Baba Yetu, and secondly for his debut album 'Calling All Dawns', which has been nominated for the Best Classical Crossover Album award. We here at Game Rant would like to congratulation Tin, who's going to be facing some serious competition - his track Baba Yetu is facing off against the projects of well known musicians like  Herbie Hanhock and Geoffrey Keezer.

For those of you who haven't heard the song yet, here's the official music video:


If you're interesting in the Grammy's - or perhaps interesting in seeing how gaming's first foray into the competition will turn out - you can tune in on February 13th to see the 53rd Annual Grammy Awards live on CBS. Aside from Tin's nomination, the Grammy's will be an exciting affair as the top musicians of the world square off. If you're into Eminem, you'll be excited to know he was nominated in an astounding 10 different categories, though his music is a little different than Tin's classical tracks.

It's clear that a lot of work was put into the Baba Yetu, and Christopher Tin has a solid shot at winning the category. What do you think about his work? Do you think he and Civilization 4 have a good chance of winning the Grammy with Baba Yetu? On an alternative note, are there any other videogame tracks you think deserved a nomination?

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