The People Have Migrated From FarmVille to CityVille

CityVille Beats FarmVille

FarmVille, the unbelievable well-sustained crop growing simulation run by Zynga on Facebook has finally been beaten by another, more popular app. Unsurprisingly, it's yet another venture into land management by Zynga. As of today, CityVille, the new city management game by Zynga that launched last month, has over 90 million active users per month, far surpassing FarmVille's current numbers by over 30 million.

CityVille officially broke FarmVille's previous reign this weekend when the registered users for the past month passed the benchmark of 83.76 million players in March 2010 for FarmVille. The numbers have continued to climb drastically, and show no sign of stopping as the stream of monthly active users clocks in at well over 2 million every day.

It will be interesting to see over the next few months how successfully Zynga's new game will hold its audience. FarmVille, as previously mentioned, still maintains millions of users every month, and excited users have seemingly not only jumped over to the suburbs, but are maintaining their pigs and ears of corn as well.

A piece of data worth noting that Inside Social Games has pointed out is that the numbers might show CityVille being a one-hit wonder of sorts when it comes to returning users:

"When we look at the game’s number of daily active users, we can see that, coming out of the holidays, CityVille has a stickiness of just over 20 percent, with 16.8 million people coming as daily active users. That’s a high stickiness compared to most games, but not FarmVille, which has held around 30 percent since last spring and reached 40 percent at its peak."

They continue to note that FarmVille, after almost 8 months since its release, is firmly behind CityVille in daily active users. This might mean that CityVille is just a passing fad, somethign new and shiny, or that it might take some time to build the steam that its grassier counterpart has demonstrated.

Regardless of any of this news, I feel fairly comfortable with the knowledge that Zynga is still making a metric load of cash every month from their simulation games on Facebook. Have you been drawn in by Zynga's newest foray into casual gaming yet?

Source: Inside Social Games

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