Chuck Norris Is A Hunter In 'World of Warcraft'

Chuck Norris World of Warcraft Hunter Commercial

Everyone's favorite ginger, karate-action megastar, Chuck Norris, has now broken into Azeroth and has been welcomed by Blizzard into the World of Warcraft. Another celebrity endorsed commercial has aired and this time no one is safe.

The latest superstar gimmick that Blizzard has bestowed upon its audience and countless future consumers is in the form of Chuck Norris. The World of Warcraft has seen the likes of Mr. T, Verne Troyer, Ozzy Osborne, and William Shatner. This WOW advertisment debuted on CBS this past Sunday during the first half of the San Diego Chargers game versus the Chicago Bears.

World of Warcraft has been (slightly) struggling lately to retain its users, which have some players questioning the game's future. Perhaps this message from Chuck Norris will scare folks into submission to join WOW? BlizzCon didn't leave a very good taste in some fans' mouths as the closing moments irked many gamers with an anti-alliance presentation. Hopefully Blizzard's World of Warcraft annual pass has killed some of the anger while others remain curious or cautiously optimistic about the upcoming Mists of Pandaria expansion.

Chuck Norris is a hunter, so he could probably hunt anyone down who doesn't play while not even moving — he's that good. But as the commercial states, "Chuck Norris doesn't hunt, hunting would imply the possibility of failure."

Watch Chuck Norris deliver a flying kick into a goblin's scrotum in this quick 30-second TV spot promoting World of Warcraft:


Check out more awesome W.O.W. stuff from the official World of Warcraft YouTube Channel.

Do you feel that this push with Chuck Norris is a desperate attempt to get players? Chuck Norris jokes are a bit old fashioned these days, but maybe this commercial is the buzz Blizzard needs to get their numbers back up.

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As for Chuck Norris, look for him in The Expendables 2 next year alongside the star-studded cast of action stars.


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