The incredible RPG released back in 1995 (over a decade ago), Chrono Trigger has finally been made available on the Wii’s Virtual Console for a mere 800 Wii Points.

If you weren’t around when Chrono Trigger originally released on the SNES, haven’t played it since, or maybe even lost your retail copy, do yourself a favor and pick this game up. Why? Chrono Trigger is a perfect storm of storytelling, characters, combat, and time-travel. Despite Square Enix‘s opinion that Americans dislike turn-based games, there’s little to dislike about Chrono Trigger.

Created by a very talented group of individuals, namely: Akira Toriyama (character design), Yuji Horii (script creator), and the creators of Final Fantasy, Chrono Trigger embodied new kinds of gameplay and storytelling elements that were not previously present in RPGs – namely multiple endings that were determined by player choices and side quests.

That’s right, RPG features that we sometimes take for granted originated back in 1995 on a 16-bit cartridge. Amazing, right?

Chrono Trigger gameplay will not be unusual for anyone who has played a Final Fantasy game (before VII) – with the exception of the combining different tech skills (the game’s equivalent of magic) between party members to create devastating effects. Simple gameplay, but still effective and able to stand up after all these years.

The story puts players in the role of Chrono as he finds himself thrust into an adventure after a misfortune at a street fair of all things. From there, he and his companions will travel from present day, to the past, to the prehistoric eras, and into the future.

If all the hullabaloo of these fancy new games like L.A. Noire or Portal 2 has got you a bit flustered (and maybe strapped for cash), dusting off the Wii and spending the 800 points for what some call the greatest RPG of all time might be worth your money.

Chrono Trigger is available now on the Wii Virtual Console for 800 Wii Points.

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