Chrono Trigger Director Teases Nintendo Switch Game

Chrono Trigger Director Teases Nintendo Switch Game - Chrono Trigger cast

Just one day removed from Square Enix claiming that it will focus more on Nintendo Switch than Project Scorpio, one of the company's most prolific directors is already teasing a game for Nintendo's new console. Takashi Tokita, one of the three developers that directed Chrono Trigger, has posted an image of the Switch on Twitter, with the caption "Top-secret mission starts!"

The Chrono Trigger director didn't provide specifics as to what he's creating for the Nintendo Switch, but there are numerous possibilities. Since Tokita's most popular game is arguably Chrono Trigger, there's a possibility that his Switch project has to deal with that franchise, and could be a sequel or port. In fact, this could be a sign that Chrono Trigger will be one of the first games in the Switch's Virtual Console library.

While a Chrono Trigger sequel may be the most appealing option, Square Enix has shown a reluctance to return to that series for one reason or another. Considering this, Tokita's game could be Final Fantasy-related. In recent years, Tokita has led the charge when it comes to Final Fantasy's mobile and handheld games, serving as director for Final Fantasy 4 on the DS and Final Fantasy Legends on smartphones. Additionally, Tokita helped bring classic Final Fantasy games like 5 and 6 to mobile devices as executive producer.

Perhaps Tokita is set to revive another classic Final Fantasy game for the Switch like Square Enix did for 3 and on the DS. After all, Final Fantasy 5 and 6 are two of the most celebrated games in the series, with 6 earning especially strong reviews at the time of its release. If Square Enix were to create remakes of Final Fantasy 5 and 6 for the Switch, it could generate significant buzz for the franchise and Nintendo's new console.

Of course, with Final Fantasy 7 Remake in development, Square Enix may be hesitant to overshadow it by announcing yet another remake before it even releases. And so while Chrono Trigger may seem like a longshot, the fact that there's already a major Final Fantasy game on the horizon may very well convince Square Enix to allow Tokita to develop the Chrono Trigger sequel he's been wanting to make.

Whatever Tokita makes, fans should be confident in his abilities. Tokita has been involved with many critically-acclaimed games over the years, and his work on Chrono Trigger helped the game become one of the best JRPGs ever made. With a track record like Tokita's, fans should be excited to see whatever he has in store for the Nintendo Switch.

Chrono Trigger is available now for Nintendo DS, SNES, PlayStation, iOS and Android.

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