Josh Trank, Director of this year’s breakout hit Chronicle, has signed on to helm a film adaptation of Team Ico’s Shadow of the Colossus. Though not much is known about the project thus far, it is reported that Trank personally requested that Sony put him on as Director.

Currently Sony is looking for a writer to help script the project with Trank, but they do name Kevin Misher as Producer for the film. Aside from that, though, it appears that Sony is in the very early stages of bringing Fumito Ueda‘s masterpiece to the theater.¬†

While this does seem like a promising communion of creative people and properties, it also feels highly unlikely that this project will ever get off the ground. For starters, the Shadow of the Colossus game features only two “human” characters and not much in the way of actual scenes that could contain dialogue. Along with that are the game’s colossi, which are going to cost a pretty penny if they are to be done right.

A better time to have started working on this film would have been right before the launch of the Ico and Shadow of the Colossus Collection, HD versions of Team Ico’s stunning first two games. By the time this film releases, if it ever does, gamers might be looking upon Team Ico’s properties as having the elusiveness of a white tiger, especially since¬†The Last Guardian keeps slipping further and further from grasp.

Given the state of the BioShock adaptation, a much more cinematic property, it’s hard to imagine that a studio would take a risk on such an artsy project, and one based on a video game no less. Trank has shown he is capable storyteller, and studios have already thrown several projects his way, but this feels like more of a pipe dream than having the potential of being made.

Do you think it is possible to adapt Shadow of the Colossus into a feature film? Will this film ever get made?

Source: Deadline