Christopher Nolan Gives Brief Details on 'Inception' Game

Christopher Nolan Inception Game Details

As film directors go, there are those that go for the pure entertainment of the audience, providing the visceral thrill ride, and those who make films that seek to create a dialogue that continues long after viewing the film. Once in a blue moon, a director rises up who is able to carefully toe the line between these two forms of direction -- one such director being Christopher Nolan. Now, Nolan is looking to bring a similar experience to the world of video games in the form of an Inception video game.

When Nolan was initially developing the movie-version of Inception, he didn’t believe it to be a singular narrative. His thinking was that the film would merely scratch the surface of possibility and from there he hoped to explore it in another medium. Nolan explained:

I always imagined Inception to be a world where a lot of other stories could take place. At the moment, the only direction we’re channeling that is by developing a videogame set in the world.

After the news came down that Nolan was interested in an Inception game, many began speculating that he was developing some sort of MMO that would see players inhabiting the world of the film. To add further credibility to that idea is Nolan's statement regarding his long running desire to work in the video game medium. He called video games:

Something I’ve wanted to explore– and certainly a veritable massive multiplayer online role playing game (as imagined by Carl Jung) would seem to be a perfect for the interactive, non-linear dream world of Inception.

The current trend of popular film directors making their way into the world of video games certainly didn’t start with the likes of Christopher Nolan or Guillermo del Toro, who is also entering the video game marketplace, but it certainly has a whole lot of gamers intrigued by the possibility. Don’t expect much news on Nolan’s game for some time to come, but Del Toro is rumored to be making an announcement at the upcoming Video Games Awards on Spike TV.

Would you be interested in a MMO set within the Inception world? Are there any other skilled filmmakers that you would be curious to see dabble in video game development?

Source: Entertainment Weekly

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