Chris Jericho Bubbly Memes Are Taking Over the Internet

chris jericho bubbly memes

On Saturday, August 31, All Elite Wrestling hosted its All Out pay-per-view event. It was at All Out where AEW crowned its first-ever AEW World Champion when Chris Jericho defeated "Hangman" Adam Page with his devastating Judas Effect finishing move. Following his match, Jericho was filmed in a backstage segment that has since spawned an increasingly popular Internet meme about "the bubbly."

In the backstage segment, Chris Jericho comes upon a table with some champagne on it. He refers to the champagne as "a little bit of the bubbly," which has spawned endless memes. These have included splicing Jericho's "bubbly" comment into songs, and photoshopping Y2J's face on Kim Kardashian. Jericho seems to have embraced the meme wholeheartedly, making it a point to be seen holding a glass of champagne in his most recent AEW video segments.

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Here is a selection of Chris Jericho bubbly memes that made us laugh.

As previously mentioned, Jericho has really started to incorporate champagne into his character. After the AEW World Championship was legitimately stolen, Jericho filmed a promo in a hot tub where he poured himself a glass of champagne...only to end up drinking straight out of the bottle instead. He also used the "little bit of the bubbly" phrase again.

And in a followup video where he showed that the AEW World Championship was successfully recovered, Jericho used the "little bit of the bubbly" in his promo yet again. It's possible that this will become a catchphrase he uses frequently in AEW moving forward, to join the long list of catchphrases that Jericho has cultivated for himself over his decades-long career in professional wrestling.

The next time AEW fans will see Chris Jericho and the AEW World Championship will be on Wednesday, October 2, when AEW debuts on TNT. The first episode of AEW's live weekly television broadcast, Chris Jericho will be appearing on the program to celebrate his victory over "Hangman" Adam Page at the All Out pay-per-view. If the "bubbly" meme is still popular by the time AEW debuts on TNT, we have to imagine Jericho will use the catchphrase in his segment, whatever that may entail.

Jericho will then defend the AEW World Championship two weeks later on October 16, though his opponent has yet to be revealed. Fans will just have to tune in to AEW on TNT to find out. In the meantime, we'll keep our fingers crossed for more information on the AEW video game.

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