Games in China Must Reveal Loot Box Reward Odds

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Those who have been keeping tabs on the global gaming news will know about China’s decision that requires developers to reveal their game’s loot box drop odds. That requirement went into effect today, which means gamers in that region now know what the odds are for obtaining various items in loot boxes.

With the rules going live today, developers have found themselves in one of two camps: either they have revealed their loot box data, which is now live to the public, or have kept that info secret, which means their loot boxes have been temporarily suspended in China. For those who have their loot boxes suspended, they can have them available to gamers again once the loot box data is made public.

While the regulation has been known for some time, it’s likely that some developers are holding back the info and taking a small hit to microtransactions in order to see what other developers’ loot box data looks like. Once public opinion is back on the loot box data that’s currently available, developers like Valve can make necessary tweaks to their games.

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It’s interesting to see what the data looks like, as it’s been a trade secret for most developers in the industry. For instance, gamers can now see what the loot box data is like for League of Legends, one of the most popular games in the world.

We’ll note that since the regulation is for Chinese gamers, the data is in Chinese. Fortunately, gamers have already taken to sites like Reddit and NeoGAF to share the translated information for gamers to review and consider.

Naturally, some gamers have voiced the question about whether or not the loot box stats are the same in every region as they are in China. It’s entirely possible the developers of the games in question made adjustments to their games’ loot box stats in just China, which would make the information somewhat irrelevant for gamers elsewhere.

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That said, hopefully the positive reception from gamers in China for these regulations will encourage other countries to follow suit. Considering the fact that gamers are spending real money on loot boxes, it makes sense for them to have a real idea what the odds of certain items are. Of course, most developers will likely fight such regulation, so it’ll be interesting to see how it plays out.

For those interested in the loot box data in English, check out these NeoGAF and Reddit threads.

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