The Last Of Us: 9 Chilling Cosplays Straight From The Game

The Last of Us Cosplay

As we impatiently wait for The Last Of Us: Part II, replaying the first game is a great way to get back into the mood of a zombie apocalypse. With an incredible environment, characters you get attached to, and a compelling story, it's no wonder the game has received so much praise. The community has responded with tons of fan art, and best of all, cosplay.

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Although the characters in The Last Of Us don't look that special, they have iconic looks that are challenging to nail down as a cosplayer. With some of the infected included as well, we're here to share 10 of the best Last Of Us cosplays that genuinely bring the post-apocalypse alive.

9 Ellie & Joel

Capturing the essence of the main characters is a tough job. More than just making a good costume, it involves studying how they move and their facial expressions. Reddit user tickle-tumtum shared her amazing cosplay as Ellie, with King of the North as Joel.

The iconic pose where Ellie stares over her shoulder really brings this photo home, but you have to also appreciate the small details like Ellie's shirt, the flashlight on Joel's backpack strap, and both of the weapons which look very close to the game.

8 The Terrifying Clicker

If you were to ask a fan of the game which of the enemies is the scariest one, the answer would most likely be the Clicker. Not only are the frightening to deal with, but they also look terrifying due to the odd-looking growth that encompasses their entire face.

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Cosplayer RandomDesign bravely took on the challenge and even shared her journey of how this costume came about to be. We have to say, she does a fine job at becoming the shiver-inducing monster that every fan grew to love and hate in the game.

7 In The Wilds

Another cosplay duo decided to replicate the iconic pose of Joel and Ellie, and did it splendidly. Here as well, the details are really what makes these costumes so good, from Joel's flashlight to the guns and especially to Ellie's shirt.

It also helps that the surroundings look an awful lot like something you would see in the actual game as well. A big shoutout to cosplayers nightmares_of_light and Gianluca D'Arpa, who took on the roles of Ellie and Joel and brought it home perfectly with their costumes.

6 Stealth Gang

Setting up a creative scene that tells a story or shows action is another big talent that many cosplayers have. By bringing the scenes alive, the costumes also come to life more efficiently. What's so special about this photo is the fact that a character that's rarely seen cosplayed, Bill, is in it.

Moreover, we see a simpler version of the infected, rather than a Clicker. We love how Ellie is holding a small bottle and is most likely looking to distract or stun the infected, just how you can in the game. Truly fantastic work from neverdingabove and her friend David, SkyDrop Cosplay, and Matt from Extra Life Studios.

5 Ellie, All Grown Up

This list wouldn't be complete if we didn't talk at least a bit about The Last Of Us 2. While we're all waiting in anticipation of what's to come, some fans have already begun making their costumes based on Ellie's new, more mature look.

There are a few major details here that really stick out, namely her simple but iconic outfit with short sleeves, and her new hairstyle. Another characteristic is Ellie's new tattoo on her arm, a long fern-like plant of sorts which cosplayer It'sKaylaErin drew with incredible precision.

4 Self-Defense

We definitely love when cosplayers come up with dynamic scenes for their photoshoots, which is why we had to include this photo of Ellie evading a Clicker that must have heard her footsteps. Once again, the mask on the Clicker is really well done, and we adore the bloodied details on it as well.

Ellie's costume and essence is captured, including the bite mark on her arm that just adds to all the detail in this picture. A big shout out to HAZENHYTE as the Clicker and her friend la-la-lizzy.

3 Survival

A great cosplayer knows how to create emotion through even a fairly simple photo, and this one just proves it. Inspired by the official artwork, Joel and Ellie are hiding behind a corner from what looks like two Clickers on their trail.

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This is the very essence of The Last Of Us, constantly hiding and evading enemies that could otherwise spell trouble when encountered in great numbers. It's really incredible to know that this amazing shot and the costumes were brought to life by a husband and wife working together as cosplayers, known as Pink Justice Cosplay.

2 Joel, Incarnated

Cosplayers are some of the most dedicated fans of a franchise. They'll go above and beyond to make their favorite characters come to life before our eyes. The perfect example for this is Maul Cosplay, who took no shortcuts when it came to his Joel cosplay.

Not only did he bring every detail to life in his costume, from the gas mask to the rifle and the tattered clothes, but he also chose the perfect location for a post-apocalyptic photoshoot: Chernobyl. You know a cosplayer is dedicated when he's willing to suck in some radiation and risk his health to capture the perfect photo.

1 Ellie In Winter

The story in the Last Of Us progresses through seasons. Winter is one of the hardest parts of the game, but it also lets us take on the role of Ellie as he tries to help and provide for Joel. Armed with a bow, she goes out to hunt for food.

This new look of hers with a winter jacket, bow and arrow, as well as the hoodie, are not commonly done by cosplayers. That's why this winter costume for Ellie, as done by Juriet, is such a rare treat for any lovers of the game and cosplay enthusiasts. Truly amazing work!

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