Child's Play Raises Over $2 Million in 2010

Child's Play Videogame charity raises 2 million dollars

Child's Play, the Penny Arcade charity, is off to a great start this year having raised over $2 million. $2,294,317 to be precise. Accomplished through numerous gamer related events and general donation, 2010 marks the highest annual earnings so far for the organization. Adding 2010's contribution to the Child's Play total earnings and the organization has brought in $8,998,564 since it began in 2003. An incredible feat by the collective entity of videogamers, to say the least.

Internet-wide events like Desert Bus For Hope, a staple supporter of the charity, raised $207,000 - not a bad amount when considering that it's from people playing what could be considered the most boring video game of all time. Humble Indie Bundle 2, a set of PC games which can be purchased for a price of any amount you wish to pay, donated $300,000. Local events like Umloud in San Francisco, raised $11,146.28. Combined with various other events and donations through PayPal, 2010's record-breaking amount was reached.

Jerry Holkins and Mike Krahulik of Penny Arcade comment on the success of this year's earnings:

"I could not be happier with the record shattering results of our incredible Charity," said Mike Krahulik, Storm Wizard.

"I hardly know how to respond to it,” exclaimed Jerry Holkins.  “The world may be a better place than I previously thought."

"Jerry's comment is better," remarked Mike Krahulik, Storm Wizard.

Just because the events are done and the earnings are in doesn't mean you can't continually donate to Child's Play. You can contribute by going directly to the Child's Play website and clicking on the PayPal button or by purchasing something on their Amazon Wishlist.

There are no doubts whatsoever that Child's Play is a worthy cause that does its best to ensure the happiness and comfort of children in a situation that can be incredibly scary and alien to them. If you were ever waiting for a "time" to donate, don't. You can donate at any time and contribute in whatever way possible. Hell, you can start your own event to help support the charity as well, which is equally fun, gratifying and most importantly, helpful.

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