'Child of Eden' Gets Xbox 360 Release Date, No PS3 Date Yet

Child of Eden Release Date

As far as games that show off the artistic capability of the Kinect go, it’s rather hard to top Child of Eden. While the game might not necessarily have the flash or the mass-market appeal that something like Kinectimals might have, you would be hard pressed to find anyone who would doubt its originality.

It’s been some time since the game was demonstrated to the public, but that doesn’t mean the thought of waving one’s hands around in a venerable symphony of visual effects and color isn’t in the back of gamers’ minds. Finally, as the first piece of good news regarding Child of Eden, PAX East has brought confirmation that the title will be released June 14, 2011 for the Xbox 360.

Obviously, PS3 and Move fans will be quick to point out that this is only an Xbox 360 release date, and that the other half of the fan base - the one - who were given Q Entertainment’s previous titles first, appears to have been left out.

Most likely envisioned as a Kinect title first and foremost, this is simply Child of Eden’s first foray out into the wild, with a Move release still in the cards.

While the most exciting way to play Child of Eden is going to be through motion control, there is still a controller-centric option available for those who feel so inclined.

It’s not like Microsoft needs any more software to push the Kinect hardware, but perhaps this could be a solid offering for the more hardcore gamer.

Child of Eden Silhouette

Given Tetsuya Mizuguchi’s proclivity for off-kilter titles — ones that are more about the experience than they are core gameplay mechanics — it is really surprising to see Child of Eden exist as a motion control title, let alone have a release date.

After Rez, a fantastic yet under-appreciated title found a cult following, and Lumines proved Mizuguchi wasn’t a one trick pony, fans have been looking forward to his next inventive title.

There is still a lot for Child of Eden to show to the gaming public, as most of the demos and trailers have been relegated to press-related events. The challenge is definitely going to be about finding the best approach to getting this game marketed, and now with a clear release date, Q Entertainment and Ubisoft can get to work.

Are you excited to get your hands on Child of Eden? Do you think that knowing that the game has a release date will convince gamers to finally go out and pick up your own Kinect?

Child of Eden releases June 14, 2011 for the Xbox 360. No PS3 release date at this time.

Source: Joystiq

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