Game Rant's Cheers & Jeers: Inaugural Edition!

Game Rant Cheers Jeers

Welcome to the first installment of our new weekly series, Cheers and Jeers, a new column where we rundown some of the W00t! and B00t! moments of the past couple of weeks. With the amount of news stories that release every single week, we here at Game Rant like to reflect on some of the big stories, and award kudos and demerits where warranted.

While by no means an all-encompassing list, these were some of the stories that stood out recently, which upon greater reflection, needed greater attention. But don't read too closely into our targets. One week's hero may be next week's villain. We're equal opportunity offenders here.



Cheers and Jeers Thumps Up

Since its release for both the PlayStation 3 and Wii, Netflix on both systems required a disc and arguably sported inferior interfaces to that of the Xbox 360. Thankfully, that's no longer the case as both systems finally can operate without the use of a DVD and have received GUI upgrades matching the functionality of the Xbox 360. Sadly, still no streaming HD on the Wii. However, dare we say it aloud, the PlayStation 3 just surpassed the Xbox 360 as the Netflix console of choice by offering a slicker interface, instant streaming for some movies in 1080p(!), and Dolby Digital Plus 5.1 surround sound. Even better, you don't have to pay for PSN Plus to use the service. Hopefully, Microsoft steps up to the plate and at least matches the PlayStation 3's unique offerings, since Netflix is currently behind the Xbox Gold Membership pay wall.

As you may recall, we posted an impressive list of rankings a gamer could reportedly attain while playing Halo: Reach. However, hardcore fans have been complaining that Bungie had capped the promotions at "Lieutenant Colonel Grade 3," which is only rank 23 out of 50. While the majority of Halo players are not even in sniffing distance of this rank yet, Bungie has announced that the level cap will be released in November, so that Halophiles can continue with their quest of reaching the rank of "Inheritor." Bungie's continued involvement with their opus is much appreciated by the Halo community at large.



Game Rant Cheers and Jeers Thumbs Down

First hinted at back at E3 in 2006 as a possible launch title and then hidden in a shroud of mystery for years, Polyphony Digital finally set a firm release date of November 2, 2010, for Gran Turismo 5 at this year’s E3 presentation. Just as racing simulator fans' patience was finally set to pay off, Sony announced an additional delay of an unknown duration. While not quite reaching the absurdity of the soon to be released sequel in the Duke Nukem series, there comes a time when the repeated tease of release begins to leave a sour taste in gamers’ mouths. And while we here at Game Rant love perfection just as much as the next gamer, at some point, the developers need to stop acting like that novelist who can’t let go of his latest project.

Sony is promising that the delay is a minor one and that gamers can expect to be racing around the world during the “holiday season.” Hopefully, that means the traditional holiday season, which would be before the year ends.

Continuing the theme of unwelcomed delays, Gears of War 3 has now been pushed back to Fall 2011. Originally set to debut in April 2011, Microsoft apparently saw a bigger money-making opportunity by installing GeOW3 in the Halo: Reach release window. While we can't argue with Microsoft's logic, if the game is ready to go in April 2011, why make Gears fans wait any longer than necessary? After all, they'll be snatching this title up as soon as it releases. Our bigger concern about this move is this: will Microsoft have any other major exclusives scheduled for next year? Let's hope Microsoft doesn't forget its hardcore base by just focusing on the Kinect in 2011.

Agree with the above ? Have a personal Cheers or Jeers? Let us know in the comments below!

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