With the power and widespread availability of smartphones, the potential of mobile gaming is being stretched and advanced all the time. While most think of gaming on phones to for the purely casual market, exclusive to pick up and play titles such as Angry Birds, Square Enix proved that the mobile platform could be used to deliver a gaming experience equal to what might have been found on the DS or the PlayStation with the game, Chaos Rings. Not surprising after the success of the first game, a prequel entitled Chaos Rings Omega has been revealed with a sequel also in the works.

Square Enix is well known for weaving fun, but challenging gameplay with a deep and engaging narrative. They’ve proved themselves to be every bit the masters of RPGs and although the game is built for the iPhone, they approach the Chaos Rings Omega with the same amount of care and quality that we’ve seen on their console games.

The trailer, while done well, is entirely in Japanese, which makes it difficult to report on the game’s story or any gameplay details dropped inside of the trailer. The video itself shows little gameplay, instead focusing on showing off some impressive cutscene graphics and plenty of dialogue.


The first game featured turn-based combat between four teams of two characters, Omega appears to work along the same lines. It looks quite similar to what we’ve seen in titles such as Final Fantasy VII. Chaos Rings released on the iPhone at a staggering price tag of 13 dollars, and with the second title looking the way it is, one can expect Omega to have a hefty price tag as wekk, but hey, you get what you pay for, right?

Chaos Rings Omega will be available this month, so if JRPGs are your thing, look for it in the app store and check game rant for any developing news!

Source: Joystiq