Celebi Available for Download at GameStop

Celebi GameStop Giveaway Promotion

It's easy to lose focus on the impending releases of Pokémon Black and White when promotional Pokémon for all of the existing titles on the DS keep popping up. Recent events have given gamers access to Ash's Pikachu and all three of the shiny legendary dogs, and now yet another giveaway will be taking place at GameStop stores across North America.

The event in particular will give Pokémon faithfuls the long sought after legendary Pokémon Celebi. The adorable Psychic/Grass hybrid can't be obtained regularly in-game, and this is the only legit way to capture the otherwise unobtainable creature. Celebi will be available for download later this month exclusively at GameStop, and the requirements are fairly minimal. All downloadees will need is a copy of Pokémon Heart Gold, Pokémon Soul Silver, Pokémon Platinum, Pokémon Diamond, or Pokémon Pearl in order to receive their legendary gift.

If getting the legendary Celebi for free doesn't already seem like a good deal then spastic gamers may find some relief in the knowledge that transferring Celebi to the upcoming Pokémon Black and White titles will allow them to obtain yet another rare Pokémon. In the same way that the shiny legendary dogs will give trainers the ability to capture Zoroark, Celebi will give players access to Zoroark's pre-evolved form, Zorua. The "Tricky Fox Pokémon" Zorua can not be captured in Black and White without Celebi, so this downloadable piece of awesomeness is pretty much a two-for-one.

Giveaways are always a nice way to reward loyal fans, and Nintendo has really been pouring them on as of late. Currently, people can connect to their local wifi connection and download a shiny Entei, or head to a nearby Toys R Us and download Ash's Pikachu. Nintendo has also announced plans to allow early adopters of Black and White the chance to download Victini, but it will only be available for the first month after the new games are released. Those Pokémon are all pretty strong, but they still can't compete with the best Pokémon ever.

Celebi will become available for download at GameStops across North America starting on February 21, and the event will end on March 6 — the same day Pokémon Black and White are set to hit retailers.

Will you be heading to your local GameStop to download Celebi? Have you participated in the other Pokémon download giveaways?

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