'Cave Story' Remake Headed to Nintendo 3DS

Cave Story is an indie title that began on PC before eventually making the move to the Nintendo Wii as WiiWare and the DSi in the form of DSiWare.

The franchise seems to be keen on making every current Nintendo console home, however, as it has now been revealed that Cave Story 3D will be coming to the upcoming Nintendo 3DS sometime later this year.

The version of Cave Story en route to Nintendo's newest handheld will be quite similar to previous installments - because it is a direct remake of the original (but the graphics are easily the best the series has ever seen). All characters, weapons, and basically everything else in the game, will be in 3D - and not just popping out of the screen 3D either. These are full on polygons baby - and it's a radical jump from the original.

Cave Story dev Daisuke Amaya was recently interviewed by Games Radar about his latest game Cave Story 3D.

"The difference between the original Cave Story and Cave Story 3D is going to be the environments are going to be in full 3D, but we will keep the original style of the game, which is a 2D scrolling action game," said Amaya. "We've gone to a level of detail that probably is unheard of compared to what we did for the original WiiWare version."

"... You'll see characters are fully 3D. The main character's really cute - he's got a scarf, he's got this really great hat, and we've modelled him, along with the accompanying cast, as well as the enemies. The weapons are in full 3D, all the items, everything you see in the world has this level of depth that you'll be able to really utilise with the 3DS's stereoscopics."

Concept art has been released showing off the game's new appearance. Check it out below:

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On top of significantly improved graphics, Cave Story 3D will also add easter eggs for hardcore fans to find as well as utilizing an even longer story than the original game. This bonus content, added with the fact that the game has been completely re-hauled visually, is sure to draw in purchases from fans of the original - and those who have yet to even play the original.

Cave Story 3D will launch on the Nintendo 3DS this summer.

Are you looking forward to Cave Story 3D?

Source: Games Radar

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